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These resources are designed to provide you with an easy to find and navigate source of information. You are welcome to submit sites for inclusion. We also ask that you tell us about any unacceptable links that may appear here. Our objective is that this page be a source for all aspects of social activites and family life, from kids to parents, teachers to librarians, businesses to consumers, in essence, to everyone wishing to improve their quality of life, without compromising their values. From time to time, I'm sure links will become inactive. We ask that you let us know by sending us an e-mail message so that we can remove them.

Note: You're invited to visit any Link, regardless of its name. Librarians will find many useful Links in the Teachers section and visa versa. Everyone will find useful Links in the General section. I've tried to avoid duplication whenever possible. Any suggestions for improving the functionality of this site are encouraged (I might even beg or grovel, if necessary). You'll find my e-mail address at the bottom of this page, and every page in this site. I look forward to e-ing from you. Stan site map home     top of page

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