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Distance Education Resources

Starting Points
  1. WWW Servers Summary For listings of higher education sites under separate states or countries.
  2. Harvest Search Select this link to perform a Harvest Search of WWW home pages. Very complete searches may be done with this program. For more information on
  3. The Harvest Information Discovery and Access System select this link.
  4. Yahoo - Education:On-line Teaching and Learning
  5. Web66: WWW School Registry K-12 and state educational organizations, also listings for other countries.
  6. The Literature section of the ICDL distance education database. References, including abstracts, to over 7,500 items of literature on all aspects of distance education is now available on World Wide Web. The new version contains entries describing over 8,000 books, journals, journal articles, conference papers and research reports covering all aspects of open and distance learning as practiced worldwide.

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Technological Terms

  1. EdWeb Dictionary
  2. FS-1037C Federal standards for telecommunications.
  3. Glossary Technical definitions from CTCnet.
  4. Glossary: Videoconferencing for Learning Definitions of videoconferencing terms for people with limited technological background.
  5. Satellingo, or "How to "talk satellite" Descriptions of satellite telecommunications terms for lay people developed by Texas A&M.

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  1. Arlington gopher
  2. Academy One
  3. AT&T Center for Excellence in Distance Learning
  4. Wentworth's Cyber WWW Site

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Computing in Higher Ed

  1. CSCL '95 Proceedings Table of Contents
  2. EASI -- Access to Information for Persons With Disabilities
  3. Horizon Home Page
  4. It's Fun to Have Fun, But You Have to Know How!
  5. MUDs in Education: New Environments, New Pedagogies
  6. NCRVE Home Page
  7. One Beginning

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  1. Computer Conferencing
  2. Collabra Software, Inc.
  3. David R. Woolley's Home Page
  4. Desktop Video Conferencing
  5. ICDE95 Online
  6. WebNotes
  7. CU-SeeMe Desktop Videoconferencing
  8. MBONE Information Web
  9. Conferencing on the Web
  10. Desktop Video Conferencing
  11. ICBL Video Conferencing CASE Studentship page
  12. IMLearn: Interactive Multimedia Learning Technologies, Inc.
  13. Meeting Teachers and Learners Support and Training Needs
  14. Video Conferencing and Distance Learning
  15. Video Conferencing Net Search

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  1. BadgerNet Project
  2. The Commonwealth of Learning
  3. Distance Learning Demonstration Projects
  4. European Schools Project
  5. The Globewide Network Academy
  6. Midwestern Higher Education Commission
  7. OUH: HOMEPAGE European Association of Distance Teaching Universities
  8. WiscNet Home Page Statewide Wisconsin educational consortium
  9. Wislrntec Learning and IT and the UW System

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DE Courses

  1. The World Lecture Hall The University of Texas' compilation of DE offerings from universities around the world.
  2. College of Education On-line Courses San Diego State University
  3. Simon Fraser U., Business Course
  4. Welcome to "Grief in a Family Context" Indiana University
  5. Welcome to CyberEd U. Mass. - Dartmouth

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  1. Dan Kegel's ISDN Page Very complete resource.
  2. da951168.txt Public Notice. Common Carrier Bureau Will Not Enforce Current Rules on Application of Subscriber Line Charges to ISDN Service.
  3. fcc95212.txt Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. ISDN Charges
  4. nrcc5053.txt Press release. Commission considers Changes to Subscriber Line Charge Rules for ISDN and Other Derived Channel Services

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Organizations & Associations

  1. Association for Experiential Education Schools & Colleges Files Page
  3. CPB's EdWeb Home Page
  4. EADTU/OUN (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities)
  5. Educom WWW Server
  6. NLII - National Learning Infrastructure Initiative

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  1. Change Technology
  2. Computer Mediated Communication Magazine Masthead
  3. Electronic Journal of Extension
  4. Internet-on-a-disk Internet-on-a-Disk is the newsletter of public domain and freely available electronic texts.
  5. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

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Journal Articles

  1. American Journal of Distance Education Interview
  2. Computer-Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom in Distance Learning
  3. Distance Education and the WWW
  4. The Need for a National Learning Infrastructure
  5. New Tools for Teaching: J.J. O'Donnell
  6. The "No Significant Difference" Phenomenon
  7. Remote Delivery of ProgrammesExamines issues of distance education delivery, including delivery intoother institutions' traditional geographic service area.
  8. Teaching on the Internet
  9. Using Information Technology to Enhance Academic Productivity This article describes a model for increasing the productivity of the educational enterprise which expects no increase in funding and which reduces labor costs to 84% (from the current 96%) of the operating budget.
  10. Video Conferencing in Education
  11. Your Onramp to the Internet: The Power of Electronic Mail
  12. TRDEV-L Home Page

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Universities & Colleges and Distance Education

  1. Assiniboine College - Distance Education Resources
  2. Columbia U. - Institute for Learning Technology
  3. Development WWW Courseware for Students of Engineering & Technology at Deakin University
  4. Eastern Oregon State College - Eastern's Division of Extended Programs
  5. Howard U - Distance Learning Directory
  6. Kent State U. - Distance Education Has RealAudio
  7. Mind Extension University (ME/U) Home Page
  8. The Open University
  9. Oregon State University - Extended Education (Frontiers in Education)
  10. Simon Fraser U. CDE-WEB!
  11. Stanford U. -- On-Line Distance Learning System
  12. SUNY - New Dimensions For Teaching, Learning & Technology
  13. U of Alberta - Distance Education Subject Guide
  14. U of Florida Division of Continuing Education
  15. U of Geneva, Switzerland in French
  16. U of Illinois Education Learning Resource Server
  17. U of Louisville - Distance Education Program
  18. U of Maine - The Network
  19. U of Mass.- Dartmouth WWW Instructional Use
  20. U of Michigan - Academic Outreach
  21. U of Michigan - Welcome to the DeweyWeb
  22. U of New Brunswick - WWWDEV Home Page
  23. U of Wisconsin - Distance Education Clearinghouse (Gopher)
  24. U of Wisconsin - Distance Education Clearinghouse (WWW)
  25. U of Wisconsin-Stout - Recommended Links Stout
  26. Virtual Online University
  27. Washington (State of) Distance Education Study

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US Telecommunications Policy

  1. Alliance for Competitive Communications
  2. Telecom Information Resources U. Mich. searchable reference site
  3. GPO Access
  4. The House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - Communications law
  5. LAWLinks
  6. Federal Communications Law Journal
  7. FCC Welcome Page
  9. Institute for Telecommunication Sciences: Home Page
  10. Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications
  11. US National Information Infrastructure Virtual Library
  12. Other T&I Sources on the Net
  13. ITS Home Page: NII

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Education (General)

  1. ATSI Home Page
  2. Ideas and Education
  3. Educational Resources
  4. Web Stuff for Kids
  5. Pam Burish's Classroom
  6. SafeSurf Kid's Wave
  7. best-k12 (gopher site)
  8. KIDLINK: Global Networking for Youth 10-15
  9. CTY Writing Tutorials
  10. Classroom Connect on the Net!
  11. Janices Outpost!!

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Distance Ed Glossaries:

  1. Ascend's Glossary of Networking Terms Part of Ascend Communications' Technical Library site.
  2. Glossary of Videoconferencing Terms From, this glossary of hundreds of terms includes links to products and services.
  3. Telecommunications: Glossary of Telecommunication Terms This is the hypertext version of Federal Standard 1037C, Glossary of Telecommunication Terms, 1996.
  4. Glossary of Satellite Terms Collected by Miralite Communications, many of the definitions found here are from the 1995 International Satellite Directory, published by Design Publishers
  5. Glossary of Terms From CTC-Net Telecom Library
  6. Lucent Glossary Lucent's Intelligent Glossary is designed to help you scan a list of communications and networking terms and see a brief definition for each instantly.
  7. PC Webopaedia A comprehensive collection of definitions, applications, resources, and vendors. Search by key word or phrase to find areas such as "Distance Education" or browse pre-selected categories such as Communications, Multimedia, User Interfaces, Hardware, Standards, etc.
  8. Satellingo, or: How to "talk satellite" A Reference for the Satellite-Challenged by Al Powell, Agricultural Communications, Texas A&M
  9. Telecommunications Glossary developed by LDDS WorldCom Network Services
  10. Teleconferencing Toolbox Glossary from the International Teleconferencing Association (ITCA)
  11. Videoconferencing Glossary intended for laypersons; maintained by Jodi Reed of the Education First Applications Design Team

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