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Media Ed Resources

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Information on Media Ed

California Technology in the Curriculum [TIC] Evaluations Database
Media Literacy Links - PBS - KQED
Media Literacy Links from PBS
Media Literacy On-Line Project by the University of Oregon

Myths About Instructional Television An article from Media & Methods by Milton Chen, ITV director at KQED Instructional Television in San Francisco. Excerpt: "There remains among some people an antipathy toward video in learning environments. Instead of falling prey to myths about instructional television, professional educators are now focusing on how ITV lessons can be structured to promote active learning among students."

The New Three Rs: Reading, Writing...Rewind Subtitled "Partnering Teachers, Television, and Technology", this document offers advice on how to use video effectively in the classroom.

Television and Video Teachers Consortium This organization in Western Pennsylvania maintains a home page with links to many useful resources of interest to teachers involved in television and video production.

Top 10 Television Utilization Tips Advice for teachers using video in the classroom from Canada's TVOntario.

Video Production in the Classroom: A Resource Guide Useful information on classroom video production including curriculum ideas, equipment, video festivals and workshops, and an annotated bibliography.

Distance Education Clearinghouse Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, this site brings together a wide range of information about Distance Education.

Distance Education Resource Sites Compiled by Miami University's Office of Continuing Education, this is an extensive index of Distance Education resources available on the Internet.

The Role of Librarians in Distance Education An excellent introduction to Distance Education and the important role of libraries, prepared by Darlene Holowachuk of the University of Alberta. Includes a Resource List of print publications and Internet sites with related information.

The Virtual School Library: Gateways to the Information Highway Edited by Carol Collier Kuhlthau. (Libraries Unlimited, c1996), $24.00, ISBN 1-56308-336-1. The publisher provides a description and table of contents for this 161-page collection of articles about technology in the school library, including a chapter on Distance Education. --- Check out main site ---

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Educational TV Resources

    A & E: the Arts & Entertainment Channel Information and program schedules. Includes the Biography Series, and the A & E Classroom page with teacher information and classroom materials.

    Bravo: the Film and Arts Network Information and program schedules, including Bravo in the Classroom

    Cable In The Classroom Sponsored by cable television operators, Cable In The Classroom offers commercial-free educational programming selected and designed for classroom use. Programming includes news documentaries, performing arts, mathematics, English, the sciences, foreign languages, and health. Copyright clearances allow teachers to record programs for use in lesson plans. Also available is Cable in the Classroom Magazine providing comprehensive listings of cable programming of interest to educators.

    Channel One Network This satellite-based television service is available in more than 12,000 American middle and high schools. The service includes Channel One News and The Classroom Channel.

    CNN Interactive Cable News Network provides up-to-date news and information on this Internet companion to its television news format.

    CNN Newsroom This 30-minute program features programming developed by the Cable News Network especially for use in schools. Includes a Daily Classroom Guide . The program is broadcast on CNN from 4:30am to 5:00am (ET) on weekdays. Enrolled schools and educators are granted a cost-free license to record the programs and use them at their convenience.

    C-SPAN Television Network Information about the public affairs cable network including the C-SPAN in the Classroom program and C-SPAN lesson plans. Complete Program Schedules are also available.

    Court TV Information and program schedules, including Court TV Educational Programming and Teen Court TV, a series of programs designed to give teenagers an inside look at the justice system.

    Discovery Channel Information and program schedules. Also includes the Discovery Channel School which offers educators help in making classroom use of programming on the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel. Resources include classroom activities, discussion questions, related links, vocabulary pages, and academic standards and benchmarks.

    The History Channel Information and program schedules. Includes a History Classroom page with teacher information and classroom materials, and a History for Kids page with information on programs for kids, plus a weekly History Channel Quiz.

    The Learning Channel Information and program schedulesl.

    PBS Online The Public Broadcasting Service provides useful information about PBS programs and services. Areas of special interest to K-12 educators include:

    PBS Instructional Television -- Instructional television series (ITV) are designed and produced by a team of curriculum advisors specifically for classroom use. ITV is a tool to be used with existing curricula and to be integrated into educational plans to enhance effective teaching and learning. Most ITV programs are accompanied by teacher guides which provide lesson plans and discussion questions to help integrate ITV programs into the classroom.

    PBS Learning Services -- PBS provides learning opportunities to students of all ages as part of its commitment to lifelong-learning. This overview provides information about PBS Learning Services designed to extend quality instructional programming, educational technology, and related support materials to local communities.

    PBS Program Home Pages -- Information on popular PBS programs including, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Newton's Apple (educational materials for teachers), Reading Rainbow, and many more.

    7-Steps for Teachers Using Television in the Classroom -- Advice for teachers in preparing lessons using a PBS series or other instructional television program.

    PBS Teacher Connex -- Offers information about PBS programs with videotaping rights for K-12 educators. Includes program information and cross-curricular applications, teacher resources, video offers and links to related resources on the Internet.

    Reading Rainbow -- This popular PBS television series is designed to encourage and motivate young children to read good books and visit their local libraries. Available here are program descriptions, activity suggestions, and a broadcast schedule.

    Storytime-- This PBS television series introduces young children to the world of stories and literature. Its goals are to create an early passion for books and to inspire parents to read to their children. Available here are reading lists, coloring pages, reading tips (in English and Spanish), and an online matching game.

    Wishbone-- This PBS television series is designed to introduce elementary school-age children to classic literature and encourage a love of reading books, through the adventures of Wishbone the dog. Available here are episode activities and facts about the series and Jack Russell terriers.

    The Weather Channel

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Media Literacy

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