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Links for Women

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Health & Fitness:
Breast Cancer Info Clearinghouse
Nutrition: Food Info Council
Women's Health Watch: Harvard
Women's Health Weekly

Work & Careers:
Advancing: Women & the Web
B GUIDE Careers
Best Companies for Working Mothers
9 to 5 Association of Working Women
Women's Career Resources
US Dept. of Labor Women's Bureau
Women in Computing Newsletter

Fashion & Lifestyle:
Cosmetic Connection
Plastic Surgery
Women's Wire Shop

Discussion Group on Teaching
List of Feminine Listservs
Legal Issues:
Child Support Laws by State
Divorce: Legal & Financial Realities
Sexual Harrassment Issues

Motherhood & Parenting:
The Breastfeeding Page
Nat'l Org. of Single Mothers
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Career Chat
Career Directions
Single Parents Dialog Room
Women Online Worldwide

Search Engines:
Women's Connection Online
Women Online
Women's Wire

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