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All About Trains
58 minutes - $14.95 - DVD

Real trains, toy trains, steamers, and diesels, plus new music by James Coffey. We take you back to the days when gorgeous steam locomotives like the Milwaukee Road’s Hiawatha pounded the rails. Learn how to build a train layout, take a rare peek inside a steel mill and see the role trains play. We visit Don Zarobsky who, along with his dad, built a layout in the late 30s. Over the years, the layout was expanded for Don’s sons and grandchildren, and we see it today, packed with trains, buildings, lights, and memories.

You’ll have great fun listening to the colorful language of steam-era railroad workers. See the Union Pacific’s Challenger ride the rails in Wyoming, plus many more steamers including the N&W J, the story of a lucky dog who became the mascot of the US Postal Department and rode on mail trains and boats all over the world.. Plus lots more, including a poignant segment on cabooses with a new song by James Coffey – “Where have all the Cabooses Gone?” If trains are important in your home, buy this video. You’ll love it.

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All About John Deere for Kids 1
40 minutes - $14.95 - DVD

Part 1 - See both new and antique John Deere equipment in action ñ tractors, excavators, cultivators, dozers, planters, and dump trucks. We trace the growing season ñ how soil is prepped, seeds planted, and the crops are cultivated. See John Deereís biggest tractors along with Johnny Poppers ñ including the 1925 Spoker D ñ and the rare 8020 from 1960. We visit a John Deere auction, the Two-Cylinder Expo, and thereís a nice segment on farm toys. Wall-to-watch Green and Yellow action plus the award-winning music of James Coffey. Kids learn, laugh, and want more. Grown-ups, too.

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I Love Big Machines
60 minutes - $19.95 - DVD

Kids love to learn with these videos. Both part one and part two explain how things kids see every day are made, how the machines that build them work and the role big machines play around the country. Features scenes of road construction, big cranes, tug boats, railroad bridges, hot-air balloons and much more. All mixed with upbeat music and zany humor. Great fun and action. Guaranteed to delight.

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Oh No
55 minutes - $14.95 - DVD

Warning! This video contains scenes that may be troubling to the toy train faint-of-heart. That's because it is filled with some of the best toy train bloopers TM has caught on tape, plus many never-before-seen "Oh No!" segments.

See the Lionel Milkman miss the mark, a log jam on the 164 and 364 Log Loaders, barrels behaving badly on the 362 Barrel Loader, mishaps with the 282 Magnetic Crane, and a reluctant rocket on the 175 Rocket Launcher. These hilarious train misadventures are mixed with songs by Jim Coffey. Songs include such favorites as Dinosaur's Revenge, One more Train, When the Animals Ride the Train, and Ain't it Great to Be Crazy plus a new song called Oh No!

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