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Stick 'em Up! and get ready to Sign with the “Stick ‘em Up!” Sign Club!

Have a blast learning signs and phrases of American Sign Language (ASL)! In the Stick 'em Up! Series, you'll see signs clearly demonstrated with English captions. (Many signs are shown from dual angles for full visibility). Then watch for these same signs during the action that follows -- without translation -- for a fun, challenging way to learn ASL!

Learning Sign Language Rules
Beginner 30 min. - $34.95
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Learning to Sign Is Cool
Beginner - Intermediate 32 min. - $39.95
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Coming soon -- Study Guides to help you get the most from our programs! Check for forthcoming announcements on availability.

Library Journal Review, 5/15/2007: Kids are the target of Learning Sign Language Rules and Learning To Sign Is Cool. Each program contains vocabulary segments with staged examples of ASL use. The signs are clear, and the production quality is solid and jazzed up with comedy segments, puns, and similar add-ons. It includes a spoof in which people with cochlear implants are being controlled through satellite transmissions. The "extras" section explains: "Many among the Deaf community view implantation as the hearing world's misguided attempt to 'fix' deafness. Some even joke they are being turned into robots. This is dramatized with sci-fi humor in The Mad Plot of Dr. Cochlear.'" Humorous or not, the segment must be acknowledged by librarians given the controversy surrounding cochlear implants. Also, while the DVDs are recommended to all grades, the pace and subjects make it appropriate for middle and high school settings where children have longer attention spans and where controversies can lead to discussion.

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