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Stick 'em Up! and get ready to Sign with the “Stick ‘em Up!” Sign Club!

Learning to Sign Is Cool
Beginner - Intermediate 32 min. - $39.95

The "Stick 'em Up!" Sign Club is back together to show you more cool signs For more fun With American Sign Language (ASL)! Family Fun -- Find out who's who in the family (watch out for Grandpa's belly claw!) Day at the Park -- Get out and play! Signs for your favorite outdoor activities -- plus cool facts about famous Deaf athletes. Baby's Sick -- Getting all the "signs" of the flu was never funnier! Better call the doctor (on your TV!) through the Video Relay Service (VRS). The Mad Plot of Dr. Cochlear -- go on a loony, high speed ride through a Deaf person's worst nightmare! See COOL signs clearly demonstrated with English captions. (Many signs are shown from dual angles for full visibility). Then watch for these same signs in the action that follows -- without translation -- for a fun, challenging way to learn! Be COOL! Learn ASL and explore Deaf Culture with the "Stick 'emUp!" Sign Club!! Level: Beginning to Intermediate 32 minutes

To learn more or to order: go to Sign Language Interpreters of Cleveland.
Or e-mail: Charles Imperatore
PO Box 26176, Cleveland, OH 44126 - 440-716-0203 Fax 440-716-9803

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