Pro Blackjack: Winning Techniques
Your Instructor: Nick Daniels

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Blackjack is the only casino game that a disciplined player can beat. You can take the percentages away from the casino by playing smart, using the Basic Strategy and the Hi Lo Point Count. This video will show you how. Your Instructor, Nick Daniels, makes it easy.

The toss of the dice or the spin of a wheel are constant percentages. Not so with a deck of cards, which has a memory. Blackjack is a game of decisions. Your decisions are based on Percentages and Information.

Blackjack isn't subject to the Law of Independent Trials, like the game of Craps is. For example: The odds of throwing a 7 is always 1-out-of-6 every roll of the dice. Never changes.

Winning Blackjack is a double-edged sword for the Player -- Basic Strategy and The Count. The Basic is relatively easy to learn and apply. The Count is the method you use to keep track of the cards to determine when the percentages favor the player which enables you increase your bets. It's also known as a Running Count.

In the Pro Blackjack Video I spend 2 full hours expanding on the Basic Strategy and demonstrating a Complete Hi-Lo Point Count, which is what you need to gain up to a two percentage advantage over the house. I also go into Capability Concealment Measures. After all, what good does it do you to be able to beat the game and have the pit boss discover you and take steps to discourage you from playing in his casino.

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2 full hours - $29.95
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