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    State Associations:

  1. Alabama Association of the Deaf
  2. Arizona Council for the Hearing Impaired
  3. California Association of the Deaf (CAD)
  4. Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and E-mail
  5. Michigan Deaf Association, Inc.
  6. Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  7. New Mexico Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  8. Oregon Association of the Deaf (OAD)
  9. RI Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  10. Rhode Island Association of the Deaf (RIAD)
  11. Utah Association of the Deaf (UAD)
  12. Virginia Association of the Deaf (VAD)
  13. Washington State Deaf Web
  14. Wisconsin Association of the Deaf (WAD)

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    National & Regional Associations:

  1. Advocate's Association for Disability Independence (AADI)
  2. Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
  3. American Association of People with Disabilities
  4. American Counseling Association
  5. American Psychological Association
  6. American Public Health Association
  7. American Speech-Language and Hearing Association
  8. American Sign Language Club
  9. ASD Alumni Association
  10. Association of Late Deafened Adults (ALDA), 10310 Main St., #274, Fairfax, VA 22030 - TTY: 404-289-1596 Fax 404-284-6862
  11. The California Court Interpreter's Association (CCIA)
  12. Captioned Films/Videos Program - NAD - Free open-captioned film/video lending service - Voice 800-237-6213 TTY 800-237-6819
  13. CODA: Children of Deaf Adults
  14. The Deaf-Hearing Couples Communication Enrichment Network
  15. International Association of Deaf Web Authors
  16. International Federation of Hard of Hearing People
  17. League for the Hard of Hearing, NY
  18. National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators (NAJIT)
  19. National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
  20. National Association of Social Workers
  21. Northern Virginia Sign Language Club (NVSLC)
  22. Self Help for Hard of Hearing (SHHH) National

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    Interpreting-Related Links:

  1. The Animated American Sign Language Dictionary
  2. The Atril Directory of Translators
  3. Interpreter Education Catalog by the National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials
  4. The Interpreter's Network
  5. Interpreter's Network - Institutions that Accept ASL for Foreign Language Credit
  6. Practitioners Directory
  7. The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)
  8. The Sign Language Interpreter's Mailing List
  9. Sign Media, Inc. (SMI)
  10. The Sign Writing Site
  11. Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (SCRID)
  12. TERPS-L a newsgroup for sign language interpreters
  13. The Translators & Interpreter's Guild (TTIG)
  14. Translators on Web

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    Product & Service Resources:

  1. ADA Enterprises -- Fire, smoke detection and other safety products.
  2. Ameriphone Products
  3. Audio Enhancement
  4. Canine Companions for Independence
  5. Communications Unlimited
  6. DeafAmerica Network - Nationwide Internet Service Provider
  7. Deaf Business Center
  8. DeafWorks - TTY trainers, alarm clocks, X-10, etc.
  9. Futura Wave Communications - TTY Software
  10. Harris Communications - Catalog of Deaf related products including books.
  11. Hear Now a non-profit organization dedicated to making hearing technology accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people. More than 7000 hearing aids have been distributed across the U.S. and 40 people have received cochlear implants.
  12. HITEC Group International - Amplified telephones, TTYs, Loud ringers, etc.
  13. NAD Bookstore - TTY 301-587-6283 Voice 301-587-6282 Fax 301-587-4873
  14. NFSS Communications - A supplier of Assitive Living Devices.
  15. NotePage, a paging service that allows tty/tdd alphanumeric messages.
  16. NXi Communications -- TTY compatible high speed modems and PC software
  17. SoundBytes
  18. Sound Choice Assistive Listening System
  19. TTY Technologies TTY/TDD repair and service
  20. TTY Central
  21. Westcomm's Battery Club - Rayovac premium zinc air hearing aid batteries.

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  1. American Annals of the Deaf - Gallaudet University
  2. Contact - Published quarterly by Self Help for Hard of Hearing (SHHH).
  3. Deaf Friends International - Magazine for deaf students around the world.
  4. Deaf Life
  5. Deaf-Link Colorado Ezine Home Page
  6. Deaf Magazine
  7. Deaf Nation
  8. Deaf Sportszine
  9. Deaf USA
  10. Deaf Watch
  11. Endeavor - from the American Society for Deaf Children for parents and teachers.
  12. Perspectives in Education and Deafness - for professional educators.
  13. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
  14. HiP Magazine - WebZine for kids with hearing loss, their parents and friends.
  15. Light for the Deaf
  16. Sign Language Studies - from Sign Media
  17. Silent News
  18. Volta Review

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    Sports Organizations:

  1. American Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc.
  2. Australian Deaf Games
  3. Bowling for Deaf in Netherlands (Bowling voor Doven en Slechthorenden)
  4. Comite International des Sports des Sourds (CISS)
  5. E.P.G.A.D. Online
  6. International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf
  7. Maryland Relay
  8. National Softball Association of the Deaf
  9. Northern California Recreation Association of the Deaf
  10. United States Deaf Skiers Association (USDSA)
  11. United States of America Deaf Basketball, Inc. (USADB)
  12. XVI Winter World Games for the Deaf -- in Davos, Switzerland, 8-15 March 1999
  13. World Recreation Association of the Deaf

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    Miscellaneous Links:

  1. ADA & Disability Information
  2. Advanced Otolaryngology Services
  3. ASL as a Foreign Language Fact Sheet
  4. ASL/PSE Interpreted Events and Classes in Santa Cruz CA
  5. Audies Web
  6. A Basic Guide to ASL - Dictionary
  7. Better Hearing Institute
  8. Butte Publications Inc. Resources Serving the Deaf Community
  9. Camp Taloali for the Deaf/HH Children
  10. Closed Captioning Web
  11. Cochlear Implants: One Family's Decision for Their Deaf Child
  12. Consumers with Disabilities
  13. The Kenneth W. Berger Hearing Aid Museum and Archives
  14. CSUN - National Center on Deafness
  15. DB-LINK, The National Information Clearinghouse on Children Who Are Deaf-Blind
  16. Deaf Adoption News Service
  17. Deaf Aviation Web
  18. Deaf Awareness - Huntsville, AL
  19. Deaf Entertainment Foundation
  20. Deaf FAQ - ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
  21. Deaf Information Exchange
  22. DEAFology 101
  23. Deaf Reach
  24. DeafTek
  25. DeafWeb
  26. Deaf World Web
  27. Denver Center on Deafness
  28. E.P.G.A.D. Online
  29. HandsOn - Sign Interpreted Performances, Inc., in NY
  30. Hearing Speech and Deafness Center (HSDC) - Seattle, WA
  31. Increasing English literacy skills of Hispanic deaf students (Lamar University)
  32. 18th International Congress on Education of the Deaf
  33. International Deaf Education and Advancement Fund
  34. Kendall Gallery -- art work by deaf students in Washington DC and Brazil
  35. Kent State Deaf Ed Resources for Teachers
  36. Metro Washington DC Telecomm Directory for the Deaf
  37. Michigan State University Communication Technology Lab
  38. National Easter Seal Society
  39. New York Deaf Theatre and Tripod Captioning.
  40. Promoting Awareness in Healthcare, Medical & Deaf (PAH -MD)
  41. Rights of the Innocent in Trials by Empowerment, Advocacy and Working Accommodations, Yearlong
  42. Technology Assessment Program - Gallaudet University
  43. Title 16 - Deaf Children Bill of Educational Rights
  44. Title 16 - ASL As a Foreign Language
  45. U.S. Government TTY Directory
  46. Where do we go from Hear?
  47. Writers' Forum on Deaf Education

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    Employment Resources:

  1. Employee Assistance Professionals Association
  2. PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) Center The PACER Center, a non-profit organization for parents of children and young adults with disabilities.
  3. University of Arkansas Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
  4. West Virginia Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (WVRRTC) - offers links to a number of important pages and sites relevant to the disability and rehabilitation communities, such as the Job Accommodation Network the Rehabilitation Information System (RIS).

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    Federal Government:

  1. The Access Board ADA Accessibility Guidelines.
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - The Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  3. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Disability Issues Task Force
  4. President's Committee On Employment of People with Disabilities
  5. U.S. Department of Justice - ADA Home Page - Information and Technical Assistance on Americans with Disabilities Act, Titles I, II, and III.

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    Medical Research & Audiology::

  1. American Academy of Audiology
  2. California School of Professional Psychology- Rehabilitation Research and Training Center for Persons Who Are Hard of Hearing or Late Deafened.
  3. H.E.A.R. Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers, a nonprofit organization that provides education and medical information on the effects of excessive noise, particularly loud music, on the ears.
  4. Hereditary Hearing Impairment Resource Registry (HHIRR) (Established by NIDCD, under a contract to Boys Town National Research Hospital.) A resource for the study of hereditary hearing impairment; also contains a list of informational bulletins and information on collection of demographic information on people with hearing loss.
  5. House Ear Institute
  6. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
  7. NIDCD Temporal Bone Registry
  8. The Rockefeller University Study of the Genetics of Non-Syndromic Hearing Loss
  9. Tinnitus site: Frequently asked questions about tinnitus.
  10. University of Pittsburgh Speech and Hearing Clinic Information about hearing aids, assistive devices and more.
  11. Virtual Tour of the Ear contains illustrations and explanations of the various parts of the ear in layman's terms.

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    Technology Assistance:

  1. Maryland Technology Assistance Program (TAP)
  2. RESNA Technical Assistance Project
  3. Trace Research and Development Center

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