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  1. Investment Series for Women
  2. 1. Investment Basics
  3. 2. Financial Planning
  4. 3. Mutual Funds

  5. Buying a Business
  6. Selling a Business
  7. The Ten Commandments of Networking
  8. Marketing Where Your Competition is NOT
  9. Put Your Show on the Road
  10. Consumer Bankruptcy
  11. Preparing for Your Deposition
  12. Maintaining a Client Trust Account [for Attorneys]
  13. Learn Japanese for Business
  14. Market Yourself with a Video Resume
  15. Maximizing Your Public Image

    Career Guidance for Young Adults
    Careers Video Tour Series: Elementary & Middle Schools

  16. Volume 1 - Professional Specialties.
  17. Volume 2 - Business Professions.
  18. Volume 3 - Health and Health Technology Careers.
  19. Volume 4 - Careers in the Arts
  20. Volume 5 - Science and Environmental Careers.

    Careers 2000 Series - 3 Volumes

  21. Part 1 - Exploring Career Options
  22. Part 2 - Where Do I Fit In?
  23. Part 3 - Preparing NOW for Success in the Future

    Marketing Your Vocational & Technical Skills - 3 Volumes

  24. Part 1 - Expressing Your Competencies
  25. Part 2 - Dealing with the Interview
  26. Part 3 - Uncovering Job Opportunities

    Jobs That Work for Teens Series:

  27. Part 1: Working for Someone Else
  28. Part 2: Working for Yourself
  29. Part 3: Working in Community Service home       site map       table of contents

Investment Series for Women
Dynamic 3-tape series hosted by Sheila Stainback, nationally known Correspondent and Anchor. Delivers the information that the investor needs to better understand and allow one to take control of her financial future. Takes a complex and intimidating subject and provides essential information in a non-threatening and easily understood manner. Each tape comes with a Workbook & Glossary.

Investment Basics - 58 minutes/$29.95 - Order Direct
Introduces and defines, in laymen's terms, the many options open to individual investors. Basic facts put the beginning investor on the right path to reach their goals. Subjects include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures and options. Item #LL002

Financial Planning for Women - 54 minutes/$29.95 - Order Direct
Provides women with the tools and information needed to confidently participate in achieving their own financial goals. How to identify objectives, evaluate assets & liabilities to determine cash flow and define investment options. Item #LL003

Mutual Funds: An Introduction - 63 minutes/$29.95 - Order Direct
Straightforward, no-nonsense explanation of what mutual funds are all about, how investors can make money in them, and why they've become such a popular investment. Item #LL004

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Buying a Business - 75 minutes/$59.95
A fact-filled, fast-moving presentation of valuable information from experienced professionals, attorneys and CPA's on the means and methods of buying an existing business or franchise. Incudes: Setting the Target Company; the first ten questions to ask; legal and tax considerations; and three keys to Seller Financing. A lot of information. Recommended 3 stars - Video Librarian. Well organized, carefully crafted . . . a sound investment. Library Journal. Item #TMK01

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Selling a Business - 48 minutes/59.95
The sister production to Buying a Business. Loaded with useful facts to help the business owner to navigate the complexities of preparing for the transfer of a business from seller to buyer. Eight steps to company valuation; ten ways to find a buyer; what to put in a letter-of-intent; the sleepless night offer. Excellent, detailed formulas . . . chock-full of information. 3 stars Video Librarian. Sound, practical, professional advise. Booklist. Item #TMK02

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The Ten Commandments of Networking - 35 minutes/$39.95
This stimulating seminar convinces viewe rs that networking is not just something else to do; it's a whole new way of life. Taught by nationally renowned consultant and author Sandy Vilas. The two R's of networking; the Lone Ranger Complex; the "3-foot rule"; the art of powerful introductions.Excellent guide to networking. Highly recommended 3½ stars Video Librarian. Fine Resource for business collections. Booklist. Item #TMK03

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Marketing Where Your Competition is NOT - 35 minutes/$39.95
Will help business owners analyze and enhance their markets, positions and strategies: finding your niche; the difference between competitor and competition; SWAD comparison charts; making the competition play your game. Item #TMK04

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Put Your Show on the Road - 51 minutes/$19.95
Music industry veterans provide practical tips on making a living as a professional musician. Shows the beginning performer how to get out of the garage and start getting paid. Five steps to getting gigs; the elements of a winning promo kit; six must-have publications; mistakes to avoid. Recommended Video Librarian. Dozens of tips. School Library Journal. Extremely helpful. Booklist. Item #TMK05

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Jobs That Work for Teens
Welcome to the real world. This new series sell teens on the many positive benefits that they will gain from having a part time job. An opportunity to earn money is only where the benefits begin, the real growth comes in the areas of self-confidence, initiative, organization and time management skills, resourcefulness and responsibility. Featuring real kids, your students will learn how they can get good jobs, experience the real world and gain valuable knowledge. Reviews Pending.

Careers Video Tour Series: 2 Versions
Students will identify with the children in these programs who will lead your class on a fascinating, fast-paced field trip through a rich variety of professions. The professionals interviewed answer questions such as, What should a young person study to have the career being featured? They're fun to watch and move at an MTV pace to keep viewers interest.

Careers 2000 Series - 3 Volumes - 60 minutes/$255.00 for the set.
This 3-part series emphasizes personal information gathering, career exploration and preparing for the future. Each program is accompanied with a 64-page workbook.

Marketing Your Vocational & Technical Skills - 3 Volumes - 60 minutes/$255.00 for the set. Designed for students who have the skills but need assistance in finding a job.

Consumer Bankruptcy - 90 minutes/$39.95
More than one million people will fall desperately into debt this year and should very seriously consider this wonderful federal program to help them erase their debts and quite possibly keep most of their assets. Professional Bankruptcy attorneys take you through a complete client interview, answering the most asked questions about different types of Bankruptcy, how it may or may not affect your Home, Car, Savings, Pension, Debt Collectors, Judgments, Tax Liens and much, much more. Item #GG023

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Preparing for Your Deposition - 40 minutes/$39.95
Unfortunately, each year millions of people get involved in civil lawsuits as Plaintiffs, Defendants and merely as witnesses. No matter what your level of participation is, the laws of civil discovery will allow either side to ask that you appear in front of a court reporter, be sworn in and have your testimony taken under oath in what is called a DEPOSITION. This video is invaluable in showing you how to conduct yourself and answer the questions properly. Item #GG024

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Maintaining a Client Trust Account [for Attorneys] - 60 minutes/$39.95
As a member of your State Bar Association and/or the ABA, you probably receive monthly literature that includes information about disciplinary actions against members who have been found to be in violation of the Rules concerning Client Trust Accounts. If you want to make sure that you (or one of your office staff) doesn't make some stupid mistake that can cause you to lose your license, watch this video. MCLE approved in CA. Item #GG025

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Learn Japanese for Business - 70 minutes/$29.95
Introducing real techniques for success in Japan, including language, customs, gestures and expressions. This program is the most effective means to quickly gain the language skills and cultural insights so necessary to business with the Japanese market. Start with basic greetings and introductions, including the all important custom of the business card. Advance to using the telephone and the proper way to ask questions. Conclude by learning how to thank the other party. One of the best learn language' programs I've seen. Hiroko Oka, The Christian Science Monitor, Asia Bureau. An excellent program. 3 Stars Video Rating Guide for Libraries. Highly Recommended Video Librarian. Item #CP001

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Market Yourself with a Video Resume - 30 minutes/$24.95
Be Seen and Heard! An easy-to-follow three step program that will show you how to create your own Video Resume. Proven presentation techniques used by on-camera professionals. Different cost-effective strategies and approaches you can follow while taping and editing. Get more attention, more interviews and more opportunities. 4 Stars Video Rating Guide for Libraries. Item #IV001

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Maximizing Your Public Image - 53 Minutes/$29.95
Look, Act & Be Confident. This program shares the skills needed to develop a dynamic public image through a process of recognizing personal strengths and bringing them to the surface. Designed for the rising business person as well as entry level workers. A good choice for Public Library collections and for use in college business classes Video Librarian. Item #IV002

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