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Chess Club Links in Australia
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  1. Australian Chess Federation
  2. Australian Chess Central
  3. Australian Chess Enterprises
  4. Australian National University
  5. Ballarat Chess Club
  6. Bendigo Chess Club
  7. Box Hill Chess Club
  8. Chess Association Queensland
  9. Chess Planet
  10. Chess Victoria
  11. Chess World Australia
  12. Correspondence Chess League
  13. Dandenong Chess Club
  14. Elwood Chess Club
  15. Flinders University Chess
  16. The Gap Chess Club
  17. Hobson's Bay Club
  1. Kin Kora Chess Club
  2. New South Wales Chess Assoc
  3. New South Wales Junior Chess
  4. Redcliffe Chess Club
  5. Shepparton Chess Club
  6. Tasmanian Chess Association
  7. University of Melbourne Chess

New Zealand Chess:

  1. New Zealand Chess Federation
  2. Ashburton Chess Club
  3. Auckland Chess Centre
  4. Canterbury Chess Club
  5. Waitemata Chess Club
  6. Wellington Chess Club

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