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Chess Club Links in Canada
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  1. Alberta Chess Association
  2. Brantford Chess Club
  3. British Columbia Chess Federation
  4. Burlington Chess Club
  5. Canadian Correspondence Chess Assoc
  6. Chess'n Math / Nat'l Scholastic Chess Org
  7. Chess Federation of Canada
  8. Chess for Kids, Ontario
  9. Chess in Manitoba
  10. Edmonton Chess Club
  11. Greater Toronto Chess League
  12. Hamilton City Chess Club
  13. Kingston Chess Club
  14. Kitchener Concordia Chess Club
  15. Kitchener Waterloo Chess Club
  16. Lunenburg Chess Club, Nova Scotia
  17. Mississauga Chess Club
  18. Northern Ontario Chess League
  1. Nova Scotia Chess Association
  2. Ontario Chess Association
  3. Ottawa Chess Club
  4. Prince Edward Island Youth Chess
  5. Quebecoise Des Echecs Federation
  6. Regina Chess Club
  7. Rouge Valley Chess Club
  8. Sainte-Anne Chess Club
  9. Saskatchewan Chess Association
  10. Scarborough (Toronto) Chess Club
  11. South Western Ontario Chess League
  12. St-Jerome La Variante Chess Club
  13. Tottenham Chess Club
  14. University of Manitoba CC
  15. University of Waterloo CC
  16. Victoria Chess Club
  17. Windsor Chess Club
  18. Winnipeg Youth Chess

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