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Pro Chess: The Video Chess Mentor DVD
School Library Journal Review

Reviewed by Brian E. Wilson, Evanston Public Library - January 2003 Issue

Former US Champ and IGM Yasser Seirawan does a fine job of explaining various moves and strategies that will help chess players master the game. Filmed in 1987 but now available on DVD, Pro Chess: The Video Chess Mentor offers plenty of information in a non-flashy, straightforward manner. The technical aspects could have been stronger, but the program benefits from being relaxed and low-key.

Dividing his lessons into four study segments, Seirawan starts of with an easy-to-follow introduction, dissecting the chess board and discussing the basics. He then moves viewers through increasingly more advanced maneuvers. Using three demonstration boards, he discusses such topics as the classical opening, seven basic Principles of chess, pawn structure (beginning and advanced), and the notions of force, space and time. The program also shows the host playing a game with another champion, and includes interviews with other chess specialists. Seirawan is clear and articulate throughout, even though his lecture is awkwardly shot in spots.

Chess enthusiasts will find this an informative presentation, and will appreciate having a pro like Seirawan calmly explain the game's intricate nature. Viewers can use the DVD's handy search menu (the production is divided into 44 chapters) to review certain segments.

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