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Cosmologist Brian Swimme

The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos
80 minutes - $39.95 - Item #CS001 - to order

What does it mean to be human, to be alive on planet Earth in the midst of the vast universe as it is now understood? Cosmologist Brian Swimme takes us on an exhilarating journey in search of the new story that is developing in answer to this question. From the Milky Way to the Virgo Cluster of galaxies. Drawing on 20th century discoveries in quantum physics and cosmology, he presents a stunning perspective.

Highly Recommended - 3½ Stars - Video Librarian
Inspiring to teachers, college classes and the philosophically inclined. - Booklist
Bronze Apple Winner - National Educational Media Award

Canticle to the Cosmos Series
12 - 60 minute programs - $240.00 - Item #CS002 - to order

Brain Swimme, BS, PhD., featured in the BBS series Soul of the Universe along with Stephen Hawkins, hosts this classic series on the New Story of the Universe. Designed to be used as part of an academic curriculum, in small group study, or for individual enrichment.

  1. The Story of Our Time
  2. The Primeval Fireball
  3. Feast of Consciousness
  4. Fundamental Order of the Universe
  5. Destruction and Loss
  6. A Magical Planet
  1. Sex, Death & Dreams
  2. The Nature of the Human
  3. Fire in the Mind
  4. The Timing of Creativity
  5. The Human Story
  6. A New Prosperity

"I'm a different person... having opened myself to the possibilities of the cosmos, entranced by every sunset and inspired by the stars. I understood that a dragonfly, with its 30,000 optical units existed in a different world than the one I saw with my limited eyesight. I felt a kinship with the rocks... I was filled with gratitude that the universe, glorying in its infinite variety, had allowed me to be an integral part of such splendor." - Linda Weltner, Boston Globe

The Earth's Imagination
4 videos - 210 minutes - $79.95 - Item #CS003 - to order

In The Earth's Imagination, cosmologist Brian Swimme places the human psyche within the fifteen billion year cosmic process in order to highlight the directions in which human consciousness is evolving today and into the future.

"Brian Swimme's magnificent insights provides a new mythology for the next millennium." - David Suzuki, Host, The award-winning Nature of Things series

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