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  1. Easy Style Sewing - 3 Tape Series
        Swags & Jabots

  2. Hidden Treasures: Antique & Vintage Jewelry
  3. Home Furniture Repair

    Master Miniaturists Series: 11 Tapes

  4. 1. Faux Finishes - w/Bluette Meloney
  5. 2. Tips & Tecniques - w/Ruth Mazur
  6. 3. Flowers & Plants - w/Shirley Vallas
  7. 4. Christmas House - w/ Judy Orr
  8. 5. Miniature Ponds - w/Lou Vallas
  9. 6. Fun with Foods - w/Mel Varisco
  10. 7. Watercolor Painting - w/Cynthia Eastman-Roan
  11. 8. Work with Leather - w/Pat Tyler
  12. 9. Making Brides - w/Viola Williams
  13. 10. More Fun with Foods - w/Mel Varisco
  14. 11. Making Victorian Dolls - w/Judy Orr

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Hidden Treasures - 58 minutes/$24.95 - Order Direct
A collector's guide to Antique & Vintage Jewelry of the 19th & 20th centuries. Program won the Silver Apple Award at the National Educational Film & Video Festival and a Bronze Cindy Award from the Association of Visual Communicators. Host Christie Romero, noted jewelry historian and instructor, takes viewers on a fun-filled tour through the decades, showing them how to identify the age, material and value of a piece. Covers styles and periods of both fine and fashion jewelry, concluding with a review of a wide selection of pieces and their values. Item #LL001

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Home Furniture Repair - 100 minutes/$22.95
Master Craftsman Dave Fugge presents a step-by-step approach to achieving professional results. In clear and concise language, he gives instructions on a wide variety of repair and restoration topics: smoothing over chips and scratches; getting out stubborn screws; fixing areas that the dog has chewed; removing wax, etc.. Join Dave as he shares his 25 years of experience and trade secrets. This video should find a welcome place on the (often scratched and chipped) shelves of public libraries. Recommended. 3 stars Video Librarian. Item #DFV01

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Easy Style Sewing 3 Tape Series
A boon to home decorating sewing instruction, these easy-to-follow videos will help anyone learn how to create beautiful window treatments. Beginners will learn basic techniques and more advanced sewers will delight in advice on how to avoid costly mistakes. Includes design considerations, style choice, measuring, fabric selection, pressing tips, and more for that custom look. First rate advice. Booklist. Recommended. Library Journal. Nice technical work, good presentation and a great price make this a must buy. 3½ Video Librarian.

      1. Swags & Jabots - 46 Minutes/$19.95
        Structured & Semi-Structured Jabots. Item #EASY01
      2. Shades - 58 minutes/$19.95
        Roman, Pleated Balloon & Gathered Balloon Shades. Item #EASY02
      3. Valances - 35 minutes/$19.95
        Item #EASY03
All 3 Easy Style Sewing Videos - $53.85. Item #EASY04

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Weekend Photo Workshop - 120 minutes/$49.95 with 3 booklets & 2 audiotapes.
Designed for those who want to take pictures of loved ones and favorite places and events. Features disposable cameras, as well as point-and-shoot' automatic 35mm and single lens reflex (SLR) cameras for every shot. Loaded with useful tips and practical examples of what to do and what not to do. Specific tips for photographing babies and children; youth and adults; historic sights and scenic places; sports and action scenes; and pets and flowers. Produced by the New York Institute of Photography. Highly informative, jam-packed cram course on everything you need to know. Nothing in print or video will help improve your pictures as much as this combo! Popular Photography. Highly Recommended and 4 Stars Video Librarian. Item #NY001

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Master Miniaturists Series -- 11 Programs
This extraordinary series offers expert instructions by some of the USA's top miniature artisans! Step-by-step guides help develop a miniaturist's creativity, and add hours of enjoyment to the craft.

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