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New Release: Light In The Shadows
Dr. Shakti Butler, Ph.D., Producer/Director

A frank conversation about race among 10 women who participated in the ground-breaking video The Way Home. These American women of Indigenous, African, Arab, European, Jewish, Asian, Latina and Mixed Race descent, use authentic dialogue to crack open a critical door of consciousness. What lies behind it is a perspective on race that is often unseen/unnoticed within the dominant culture. With clear language, open hearts and a willingness to engage - even when it gets hard - these women travel over roads that demonstrate why valuable discourse on race is so laden with emotion, distrust and misunderstanding. Light in the Shadow is a springboard for critical self-inquiry and inter-ethnic dialogue. Study guide and references included

"Honest dialogue about race and racism is rare and yet so important. How can we ask our students to do what many have never seen done? This video offers a beginning solution to that dilemma. It is a powerful teaching tool!" Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D., President, Spelman College

"Light in the Shadows lifts the personal, private, often segregated analysis of racism and power into a candid public conversation between women of color and white women. There are no secrets in this film, only repeated invitations to discourse through different views and personal experiences of racism and white privilege. The gift of honesty, which the participants bring to the cross-talk leaves me with the sense that, more dialogue of this kind can contribute to the urgent task of stripping racism of its power in our lifetime." Melanie Tervalon, MD, MPH, Director of Education, Center of Excellence UC Davis-Children's Hospital & Research Institute

"Shakti Butler's latest film really pushes the viewer to examine the complex, difficult and unspoken legacy of American racism. For those who really want greater understanding of race and who are ready to look inside their souls and take the next step in self-awareness, this film is a must!!! An insightful and inspirational piece of work." Shauna Marshall J.D., Clinical Professor of Law and former Associate Academic Dean, University of California Hastings Law School

45 minutes/VHS - Purchase US $175 Rental: US $100

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