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"Heart-to-Heart Conversations"
Presentations; Workshops and Retreats

The Way Home and Light In The Shadows are appropriate and excellent tools for diversity training, professional development, organizational retreats and educational seminars. Through World Trust's Heart-to-Heart Conversations program, skilled trainers and facilitators are available to work with groups. The trainers use the video as a catalyst for deep learning and interactive experiences, tailored to the needs of your gathering. It is an experiential journey that is designed to catalyze critical thinking, self-inquiry, transformative learning, healing, and change. The programs are flexible and can be presented in the following ways:


  1. 90 Minutes A brief context introduces a partial showing of both video, followed by a short dialogue, ending with a Q&A session.

  2. Half Day A strong experiential context creates an environment for showing the videos in sections. Rounds of critical self-inquiry, writing in journals and small group work accompany the viewing. The program is designed to unearth embedded assumptions, illicit new questions and create potentials for transformative learning and dialogue. The presentation ends with a general conversation and praxis, followed by a brief Q&A session.

  3. Full Day This full day workshop deepens the potential for transformative learning, dialogue, healing, and change. It is a day of focused exploration that invites participants to constructively face internalized oppression through the lens of race. Other creative strategies are used in order to maximize learning, healing, and opportunities for new behavior.

    Workshops and Retreats: 1, 2 or 3 days

  • The Journey Retreat for staff, managers, administrators, and others interested in an in-depth learning experience.

  • Training of Trainers Workshop for diversity professionals.

  • Priced per facilitator; number of facilitators based on group needs.

"The deep learning that results in transformation must include the healing of hearts and souls. When spirit is thirsty, it is love, compassion, and truth that quench and satisfy." ~Audre Lorde

For more information about these services, you can contact us at: World Trust Educational Services - 510-632-5156 and/or info@world-trust.org

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