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The Way Home
Race, Gender and Class in America

Dr. Shakti Butler, Ph.D., Producer/Director

A half Japanese woman, rejected by the Asian Stiudnet Union, ends up identifying as Chicano. A black women, living with her white mother, talks about searching throught the yellow pages for a black hair stylist. A Jewish woman clutches at her abdomen, disgusted by the terror of internalized oppression crawling through her body like worms

Over the course of eight months, sixty-four women from a cross-section of cultures, (Indigenous, African-American, Arab, Asian, European-American, Jewish, Latina, and Multiracial) share their experience of racism in America. With uncommon courage, they speak their hearts and minds about resistance, love, assimilation, standards of beauty, power, school experiences, and more. Candid conversations offer rare access into multi-dimensional worlds invisible to outsiders. The abundance of photographs, dance, and music provides a sensual richness to this provocative 92 minutes program.

Educational Application: THE WAY HOME provides a model for dialogue. It consists of 21 sections, each approximately three to five minutes in length. The video may be shown in its entirety or easily viewed in sections. It is accompanied by an easy-to-use conversation guide that offers a suggested structure and questions.

"Breathtakingly frank, yet loving, conversations." SF Weekly

"Offers us a rare opportunity to listen, to learn, and more importantly, to hope for our future generations." Fabienne McPhail, Director, Stanford University Women's Center

"A fountain of healing truths... living proof that there are no important issues facing humanity that we can afford to tackle without the centrality of women's leadership." Victor Lewis, National Diversity Trainer

"Goes beyond a basic awareness of racism to explore the subtle, rarely acknowledged roots of self-hatred and lack of understanding among even the most progressive people." Gary Delgado, Executive Director, Applied Research

These Schools use the above program: University of Notre Dame; Stanford U; U of Vermont; Smith College; John F. Kennedy U; Agnes Scott College; Northwest U; UCLA; UC Davis; Cambridge Friends School; Boston U; Northern Michigan U.; U of Colorado; Bucknell U; U of Oregon... and many more.

Others using THE WAY HOME: Educators, Administrators, Teachers; Graduate, College, & H.S. Students; Corp. Professional Dev. Depts.; Professional Associations; Women's Organizations; Professional Trainers; Community Organizations; Advocates & Activists; Religious Communities; Family Gatherings; Friends (study circles, councils, etc.).

92 minutes/VHS - Purchase US $350 Rental: US $195

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