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Facets Video, a division of Facets Multi-Media, is one of the nation's largest distributors of foreign, classic, cult, art, and hard-to-find videos. We search the world for artistically important film on video - bypassing many mainstream releases to focus on the rare and the unusual. As a result, Facets' 60,000 (and growing!) title inventory is an astounding video collection unlike any in the world, famous for its breadth and diversity. The DVDs below are samples. Visit our site for a complete list (link below).

Meetings with Remarkable Men:
Gurdjieff's Search for Hidden Knowledge

DVD 1979 - 108 minutes - $29.95

Meetings with Remarkable Men: Gurdjieff's Search for Hidden Knowledge Peter Brook directed this unique search through the Middle East, Central Asia for answers to the question of the meaning of life, based on Gurdijeff's search for hidden knowledge. As a boy, Gurdijeff is influenced by his father, a man of remarkable character, who nurtures his thirst for knowledge while preparing him for a career in medicine and priesthood. But a brush with death and other extraordinary, inexplicable events heighten his sense of wonder about the meaning of man's life, and in hidden ruins, he and his comrades discover ancient scrolls which confirm the existence of a brotherhood with ancient knowledge passed orally from generation to generation.
Among those appearing in this extraordinary film are Athol Fugard, Colin Blakely, Terence Stamp.

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ABC Africa
DVD - 83 minutes - $29.99   

ABC Africa: Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami traveled to Uganda to craft this profound and affecting documentary. Kiarostami's film tempers its sadness at the ravaging effects of AIDS, famine, and poverty, with a celebration of the courage and joy of his subjects.

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McCabe and Mrs. Miller
DVD - 120 minutes - $19.98   

McCabe and Mrs. Miller: A brilliant, offbeat drama of frontier life, this is Robert Altman's personal and poetic interpretation of an American myth. A truly original western and one of the great films of its era (1971).

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DVD - 89 minutes - $24.98   

Jean-Luc Godard France 1960: The landmark film by Godard that helped to usher in the French New Wave. Jean-Paul Belmondo stars as a small-time hood on the run from the law, having an affair with an American girl in Paris (Jean Seberg). A film that owes much to American film noir and even B movies (it is dedicated to Monogram Pictures), yet its innovative visual style revolutionized the world of film. Based on a story by Francois Truffaut. "Godard's great innovation lies in the identification of the title to the camerawork and aesthetics of the film. With fast editing and unresolved camera movements, Godard disseminated the very essence of his hero's lifestyle..." (Spiros Gangas, Edinburgh University Film Society). In French with English subtitles.

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Little Otik
DVD - 126 minutes - $29.99   

Little Otik: Surrealist film master Jan Svankmajer (Faust, Alice) combines his distinctive approaches to live-action and animation with this creepy but very funny movie based on an old Czech legend. A childless woman's maternal longings transform a crudely carved wooden doll into a living creature with an appetite that soon makes real trouble for some of the neighbors. "Rivals The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby and Eraserhead as a disturbing treatise on the fear of parenthood" (Andrew Johnston, The New York Times).
In Czech with English subtitles. 2000 DVD - Includes Svankmajer's 1969 short, The Flat, plus an interview from Sight and Sound, excerpts from the director's production diary, the original trailer, and a behind-the-scenes photo archive.

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