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  1. Pro Blackjack: Winning Techniques
  2. Pro Chess: Program 1
  3. Pro Chess: Program 2
  4. The World of Slots
  5. The World of Tables
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Pro Blackjack: Winning Techniques - 120 minutes/$29.95 - Check out these Charts
Blackjack is the only casino game at which the player can consistently take the edge. It's proven. We guarantee this program will show you how. Complete BASIC STRATEGY and HI-LO POINT COUNT; Concealment & Security Measures; Charts & Graphics.

Your instructor, Nick Daniels, banned from Vegas casinos since 1968, speaks in every day language and has a unique ability to make his system of teaching easy to understand. He states that The objective is to make the game of blackjack obsolete which is what would happen if everyone played the BASIC STRATEGY. Blackjack is a game of percentages and decisions. You will learn how to make the percentage decision' every time.

Nick goes on to say Watch out for flim-flam operators. One guy has a system he calls, appropriately enough, 'push and regress'. The program, shot in a casino and presumably sponsored by the casino, will definitely cause your bankroll to regress. Does anyone seriously believe a casino would support a program that shows you how to beat the game. It amazes me that anyone believes it. You can reach Nick at - 941-473-2601. Item #SI001

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PRO CHESS: Volumes 1 and 2 Pro Chess Home Page
Exercise Your Mind. Insight Magazine. The US Champ inspires confidence as he relates secrets of the game. Ed Albaugh, Washington Times. Full of practical advice. John Jacobs, Dallas Times Herald. I'd recommend these programs to anyone seeking to improve their game. Larry Parr, Editor, Chess Life. Instructor: International Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan.

PRO CHESS: Program 1 - 120 minutes/$29.95
Part 1: An Introduction; The board, the pieces and their properties; The 4 Elements: Force, Space, Time and Pawn Structure. A Classical Opening Example.
Part 2: Novice/Intermediate; Common Pawn Structures: How to play with or against; 14 Basic Tactics. Item #SI002

PRO CHESS: Program 2 - 120 minutes/$29.95
Part 1: Intermediate/Advanced; Advanced Pawn Structures: How to play with or against; Reinforcement of the 14 tactics.
Part 2: Intermediate/Advanced; Two motivations: ATTACK and DEFEND; Playing with an advantage or a disadvantage in force, space, time or pawn structure. Item #SI003

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The World of Slots - 58 minutes/$19.95
Facts, examples and complete instructions. This program takes you every step of the way: How to Choose a Casino; How to Pick a Paying Machine; How to Maintain Your Budget; How to Be Secure; How to Become a VIP. See an actual Slot Tournament being played. Real players just like yourself in action. No actors - No sets. A practical, common-sense approach. Item #SI004

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The World of Tables - 110 minutes/$19.95
We take you to the Casino, to the actual Tables. Professional Dealers show you How to Play and explain the Games in Detail. In full living color you will see and learn it all, How to choose the Best Casino, Budgets, Money Managements, Taxes, How to Enjoy, How to Become a V.I.P. and How to get invited to Play Tournmants. You will Learn All About These Games: Craps; Blackjack; Texas Hold'em; Pai Gow Poker; Baccarat; Seven Card Stud and Roulette. Your host for this program, and the one above, is Clyde (Diamond) Lampkin nationally know throughout the gaming world and respected as one of the most practical, consistent, common-sense players ever. "He has a straight-forward honest approach and his helpful hints on casino gaming helps people relax and enjoy themselves. Although he doesn't claim to make anyone a winner, his dynamic personality makes everyone feel like they are." -- E. Edward Crispell, General Manager Imperial Palace. Item #SI005

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Beat A Cheat - 45 minutes/$24.95
This video revals how they do it. Protect your: Learn what you're up against so you can BEAT A CHEAT -- You will See and Learn All About: Shiners; Peeks; Stacking the Deck; Dealing Seconds; Marked Cards; The Faro Shuffle; Mucks; Partner Schemes; Wax Decks; Daubs; Shaders; Stripper Decks; In-Jogging; Fake Cuts; Push-Through Shuffles; Talking Cards; Nicks Mechanic's Grip; Shifts; Palming; And More!!! Item #SI006

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