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  1. Balance & Coordination Seniors
  2. Exercise Ball Workout
  3. Heal with Shaolin Acupressure
  4. Revitalize Your Body
  5. Sensuality Through Movement
  6. Shiatsu Massage Made Simple
  7. Shiatsu Massage Advanced
  8. Spirit Breathing WO Beginner
  9. Spirit Breathing WO Intermed
  10. Stress Reduction Exercises
  11. Stress Reduction Massage
  12. Stretching Your Whole Body
  13. Super Abdomens Workout
  1. Body Awareness (Vol. 1)
  2. Body Awareness (Vol. 2)
  3. Chinese Chi-Gung Exercises
  4. Harmony of Mind and Body
  5. Harmonious Relationships
  6. T'ai-chi For Inner Beauty
  7. T'ai-chi For Seniors
  8. T'ai-chi: Massage

  9. T'ai-chi-Ch'uan:
  10. Chinese Moving Meditation
  11. Movements Power & Health
  12. Yang Long Form

T'ai-chi: Chinese Chi-Gung Health Exercises
57 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV016

Combines simple, flowing, relaxing movements with breathing and concentration techniques. Easy to learn and bring the immediate effects of stress reduction, strengthened immune system, enhanced sensory awareness, clearer thinking ability and a feeling of centered well being. Tiger & snake systems are included as well as sitting Chi-Gung. Master Bob Klein.

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T'ai-chi For Inner Beauty
60 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV017

Ancient Chinese movements for creating an inner glow and vitality. Gives you permanent beauty from the inside out and an elegance of movement that is at once sensuous and strong. "Yang Short Form" demonstrated from two different angles. Careful instructions are given for each movement as well as the principles of developing the inner spirit. Featuring Jean Goulet.

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T'ai-chi Exercises for Seniors
45 minutes - $29.95 - Item #AV018

Includes warm-up and flexibility exercises, chi-gung (to improve the flow of energy in the body), T'ai-chi movements as exercise and a special 14 movement Yang form, shown from two angles with instructions. Keeps seniors in shape, active and strong. Master Bob Klein

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Spirit Breathing Workout - Beginner
60 minutes - $29.95 - Item #AV061

These ancient exercises, developed as an imitation of animal movements, eventually gave rise to T'ai-chi, Yoga and the martial arts. They are more energetic than T'ai-chi forms, yet just as relaxing. 20 minute workout with detailed instructions. Master Bob Klein

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Spirit Breathing Workout - Intermediate
60 minutes - $29.95 - Item #AV062

Ancient animal exercises for stress reduction, coordination and developing "internal energy" (chi). The origins of T'ai-chi, Yoga and the martial arts. 20 minute workout with detailed instructions. A fun exercise! Master Bob Klein

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Healing With Shaolin Acupressure
110 minutes - $44.95 - Item #AV041

This remarkable video teaches how to heal many ailments that plague modern man such as migraine, sinus, tension headaches, ear infection, back pain, menstrual cramps and more. Includes history and theory of accupressure, hands on teaching with an adult and minor student, hoe to find points and how much pressure to apply for how long. With Master Robert Lyons.

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Chinese Moving Meditation
48 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV001

T'ai-chi-Ch'uan: Demonstration of the slow, flowing movements practiced since ancient times in the parks of China. Taped in natural surroundings with simple instructions including how to "play" with the movements for maximum benefit and enjoyment. Featuring Master Bob Klein.

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Movements of Power & Health
120 minutes - $29.95 - Item #AV002

T'ai-chi-Ch'uan: Detailed instruction for "Yang Short Form" of ancient health exercises, based on natural movements of animals. Training in basic coordination, flow of internal energy ("chi"), developing concentration, reducing stress and uniting mind & body. Featuring Master Bob Klein.

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Revitalize Your Body
90 minutes - $29.95 - Item #AV006

A relaxing exercise program for those who are beginning to exercise or who are recovering from an injury or sickness. Instructions for those who cannot stand or have other limitations. Exercises will keep up your levels of energy, enthusiasm and creativity and lead to a more fulfilling life. Featuring Master Bob Klein.

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Stress Reduction Exercises
74 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV003

Stress leads to illness such as heart disease. Causes aches, pains: make us miserable. Learn to combine flowing movements, concentration and proper breathing to achieve greater health and emotional stability. "Chi-gung" exercises reduce mental, emotional and physical stress. Featuring Master Bob Klein.

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Stretching Your Whole Body
75 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV005

Loose relaxed muscles lead to inner calm and greater health. Jean Goulet, certified exercise specialist, helps you to eliminate aches and pains and achieve a springy, youthful body with this carefully devised stretching session. Especially useful for preventing injury during sports activity. Instructions for all levels. Mrs. Goulet's warm, caring presentation is a delight.

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Exercise Ball Workout
75 minutes - $29.95 - Item #AV052

Bounce your way to a fantastic new body with ab, hip, leg, arm and chest workouts. Develop balance and coordination while having fun. Careful, simple instructions makes this program easy to follow. Includes info on how to get your own ball. Features Jean Goulet-Klein.

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Stress Reduction Massage
45 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV004

Jerry Lugio teaches techniques to relieve the stress of everyday life. A simple method of keeping the body and mind in a relaxed, alert state. Each technique is clearly explained.

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T'ai-chi Massage
60 minutes - $19.95 - Item #AV007

Learn to give gentle, pleasurable & relaxing massages, based on natural, meditative movements of T'ai-chi-Ch'uan (Chinese moving meditation). Release deep-seated tension and invigorate the body as each muscle and nerve is refreshed. Includes acupressure, stretching, loosening joints, face massage, breathing techniques and massaging with the feet. w/Master Bob Klein.

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Shiatsu Massage Made Simple
115 minutes - $39.95 - Item #AV008

Complete full body Japanese massage with detailed explanations and close-ups. Includes stretching for the masseur, basic techniques for beginners and examples of treatment. Releases deep seated tension and dissolves aches and pains. Featuring Jerry Luglio.

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Advanced Shiatsu Massage
115 minutes - $39.95 - Item #AV009

Learn how to find and work acupressure points and meridians. Explanation of Oriental medical theory and diagnosis. Detailed demonstrations of treatment. Angles and close-ups are used for ease in learning. Featuring Jerry Lugio.

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Yang Long Form
74 minutes - $29.95 - Item #AV010

T'ai-chi-Ch'uan: This 35 minute T'ai-chi form is shown twice from two different angles and instructions are given for weight distribution and breathing. Featuring Master Xue Dejun.

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Super Abdomens Workout
45 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV011

Taped in beautiful natural surroundings, designed to firm up & define the abdominal muscles and to strengthen the midsection. Important for anyone involved in sports, martial arts or dance. Brings results quickly & safely if practiced on a regular basis. Featuring Jean Goulet.

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Body Awareness (Volume 1)
60 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV012

T'ai-chi: The first movements of the "Yang Short Form" of T'ai-chi-Ch'uan with emphasis on flowing like water, becoming aware of the flow of energy through the body and developing creativity. Discusses the principles behind the movements so you will understand how nature oriented cultures maintain their health and their harmony with nature. Featuring Master Bob Klein. T'ai-chi: Body Awareness (Volume 2) - 60 minutes/$24.95 Item #AV013

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Harmony of Mind and Body
52 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV014

T'ai-chi: Explores the relationship between one's mind (attention), internal energy and the body to feel confident, relaxed and full of vitality. "Push Hands" exercises are used to teach you to neutralize your partner's force, whether physical, emotional or mental, so you will become centered and effective in your relationships. The first part of the "Yang Short Form" is used to connect mind and body so that you are not easily distracted or controlled by others. Featuring Master Bob Klein.

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Harmonious Relationships
45 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV015

T'ai-chi: Enjoyable two person exercises derived from T'ai-chi "push hands" which can help you to open up to people without the fear of "losing yourself" or being harmed by the relationship. Helps you feel you are part of the world and can eliminate deep seated fears. Gives you the power to fully express your creativity and individuality with another person. Featuring Master Bob Klein.

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Balance And Coordination for Seniors
45 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV019

This program is for people who feel awkward. Learn to be graceful, sure footed and avoid injuries. You will learn to use the body the way it was biologically designed and to develop the agility of animals. Featuring Jean Goulet.

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Sensuality Through Movement
45 minutes - $24.95 - Item #AV020

Using T'ai-chi and belly dancing to make your body irresistible. You will learn to undulate, vibrate and energize your body. This will bring great pleasure to your partner and greatly improve your health and flexibility to bring you pleasure as well. Featuring Jean Goulet.

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Note: Master Bob Klein is the owner/operator of the prestigious Long Island School of Tai Chi. His lovely wife, Jean Goulet, also runs her Chinese movements classes there.

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