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Our Privacy Policy

We know how you feel about your privacy and we don't blame you, because we feel the same way.

You have my word that we will keep your information to ourselves. It's in our best interest to do so. As competition heats up on the Net, the last thing we want is to let your info get out there in cyberia.

As to credit card info - a big deal has been made about supposedly secured transactions over the Net. Most consumer sales oriented sites assure us that they're secure. Well, the government assured us that our National defense secrets were safe. Yea, right and 'nough said about that!

When you want to order and pay by credit card we suggest that you either call us or we'll call you. You can e-mail us your phone number and best time to call. This way we'll get to know each other better and it's a lot more secure than sending your info over the Internet. We really only need the info once, so after we have you on file, it'll be smooth sailing from then on.

Go Easy, Stay Well and Stay in Touch, Stan

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