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It's true! We received this notice - This is a note to let you know that your site was spidered and ranked in the Top 10% of the Webs Most Linked Sites.

Perspective: changes have taken place with regard to how a site is ranked in Search Engines. A new ranking system is now being used by major Search Engines like Alta Vista, Excite, Google, Lycos and the search portion of Yahoo. A most effective way of measuring the overall popularity of the web site is by determining how many other sites link to it.

Are we proud of this ranking? You can bet your... ah hmm, nose we are. Are we going to look to further develop this, you know, get more links to and from other sites? Yep, and let my tell you how.

Since 1995, when we first went online, we've had Resource Links in our site which are accessible from both the home page and the site map. Our stated objective is to be a source of information for all aspects of education, social activities and family life, from kids to parents, teachers to librarians, businesses to consumers, in essence, to everyone wishing to improve their quality of life, without compromising their values.

Our primary objective has always been to provide informative, quality programming to Academic & Public Libraries. Towards that end, we focus on their sites when we look for hot links to put in our Resource area. We figure that since they're the best when it comes to disseminating information, why not link to them? In turn, many have linked back to us for the benefit of their patrons and students.

Anyway, we're looking to trade reciprocal links with quality sites. We'll consider linking back to yours and/or one that you recommend, providing it meets the criteria mentioned above. We ask that you send us an e-mail first so that we may qualify each other and explore possibilities. My direct e-mail address is at the bottom of every page in our site.

Please don't think we're being snobbish here. We're being careful and will not compromise our stated objective for the sake of promoting our site. Therefore, I ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Additionally, always developing new categories and pages. We're exploring commercial sites to make it easier for visitors to find the products and services they need and want. So, don't be bashful, whoever you are. Let's talk.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to e-ing from you.


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