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William Wegman's Alphabet Soup
30 minutes - $19.99 - DVD

A is for Alphabet, B is for Batty, C is for Crooky! Renowned artist William Wegman brings his dogs (Fay Ray and offspring Batty, Chundo and Crooky) together on DVD to teach children the alphabet. Children and adults will be transfixed by the amazing dogs as they magically form the letters of the alphabet while cooking up a pot of soup with everything from apples to zucchini.

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Fay's Twelve Days of Christmas
30 minutes - $19.99 - DVD

Willam Wegman brings together his famous family of weimaraners to get ready for the holidays in a witty and delightful festival of decorating, crafts, cooking, gift wrapping, fruitcake, and more. Watch as Batty, Crooky, Chundo and Fay celebrate the season as only they can. Christmas stockings, popcorn chains, a dream sequence, a guest appearance by a Boston terrier, cookies in geometric shapes, Elves, Santa’s workshop and those amazing dog numbers! William Wegman’s version of the holiday classic is a wonderland dream come true for kids and fans alike.

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Fever Dreams and Heavenly Nightmares
60 minutes - $24.95 - DVD

“Fever Dreams and Heavenly Nightmares” is the long awaited compilation of independent filmmaker Chel White’s visionary work. Spanning 20 years, a collection of award-winning short films, astonishing animation, and more. From a story about a man who is obsessed with soil to an expressionistic choreography of photocopied bodies, Chel White’s films defy easy categorization. Exploring love, obsession, memories and dreams, his work is sublime and intricately beautiful. Chel is often describes as a cinematic poet, and many of his films have a darkly humorous edge to them. The Austin Chronicle says, “Chel White’s work seems to dispatch itself in some secret, subversive code, flashing messages amid animation, obscure stock footage, and actors with crazy eyes.” Features Magda, Dirt, and Soulmate, three adaptations of stories by long-time monologist and radio artist Joe Frank.

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