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14 Steps to Better Breastfeeding
Ages 13 - Adult - $99.95 - 16 minutes

This is the breastfeeding video educators have been asking for, a concise yet complete guide to the "how-to's" of breastfeeding. In just 16 minutes you will be able to teach parents the essential information they need to know to breastfeed successfully. Presented in clear easy to understand language with helpful graphics and wonderful shots of proper latch on. Your best choice for beginning breastfeeding instruction. Spanish Version also available

Parents will learn: Starting Off Right; Hunger Signals; Latching On; Breastfeeding Positions; Sore Nipples and Engorgement; Lifestyles; How Often to Breastfeed; How a Mother Makes Milk; Switching Breasts; Pacifiers and Artificial Nipples; Healthy Weight Gain; Growth Spurts; Taking Care of Mom; Cesarean Births and Pre-term Babies

"Wonderful comprehensive how-to video. Up-to date information presented in an easy to understand compact format." - Tracy Erickson, R.D., L.D., Lactation Specialist

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