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Celebrate Birth!
Ages 13 - Adult - $175.95 - 41 minutes

Not Just For Lamaze Educators - While this program is from Lamaze International, it can be used by any birth educator. It does not focus on any one technique or method but instead encourages women to rely on their inner wisdom during childbirth.

A program that says "Birth is Normal, Natural and Healthy"    Closed Captioned

The Lamaze philosophy is beautifully captured in this all new inspirational video. Celebrate Birth! uses classroom instruction, animated illustrations and empowering birth footage to help you instill knowledge and confidence in your expectant parents. Created by a team of Certified Lamaze Instructors and InJoy Videos, Celebrate Birth! is a teaching tool that gives an accurate, realistic and positive picture of birth.

Students Will See: Birthing environments where women feel secure and supported; Confident women who respond to their labor pain with natural coping techniques; Labor partners who show continuous emotional and physical support; The beauty and power of women following their inner wisdom

Formatted for Easy Classroom Use

Instructor Jeanne Green leads a class covering: Common concerns and fears; Handling labor pain; Role of labor support; The stages of labor (with animated illustrations); Breathing and other labor techniques; Confidence building

An educational and inspiring birth montage using poetic narration, music, and powerful images of labor and birth.

A realistic portrayal of what to expect during birth: Doula and partner support for mom; Various labor techniques; Clear images of the babie's birth

Teaches stretching exercises and proper body mechanics to help moms avoid strain during pregnancy. Demonstrates supportive labor positions including: Hands and knees position with massage and hip squeeze; Sitting and side lying with passive pelvic tilt;Upright positions including standing and slow dance

"I wish Celebrate Birth was made years ago. I would have been using it continuously! It shows the real power and joy of birth. I highly recommend it." - Janet Grabe, RNC, ASN, BSN, ICCE, CLC, CD(DONA)

What Parents are Saying:
"It made me feel empowered."
"The illustrations are very informative, and the birth scenes are encouraging for pregnant women."
"Instilled confidence in my ability to birth and in my partner's ability to support me."

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