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Healthy Steps for Teen Parents
Help Your Teens Have Healthier Pregnancies, Births and Babies!
3 Volume Set - Ages 13 - 21 / Released 2001    Closed Captioned

"Highly recommended!" - Video Librarian
"Appealing, up-to-date, well presented" - School Library Journal
First Place Winner - Time Inc. - Health & Medical Media Awards

Captivating style and current "need-to-know" information, this e set explores pregnancy and birth from a unique teen perspective. A realistic, informative and reassuring look at prenatal care, labor, birth and postpartum concerns. Colorful graphics, animation and a fast-paced, cutting-edge look all add up to a video set that is as engaging as it is important. Teens will gain the straight story from their peers on the entire spectrum of the birth experience, from first finding out to finding childcare. The importance of staying in school is stressed throughout, and the series takes a positive, yet real-world look at how teen moms and dads can successfully meet the challenges of being young parents. Helpful Teacher's Guide included

Volume 1: Prenatal Care - $199.95 - 25 minutes
Gives expectant parents important "need-to-know" information about the prenatal period. Engagingly colorful and fast-paced, viewers get the straight story from their peers as we follow five pregnant teen moms and two teen dads who candidly share their prenatal experience.

Viewers learn firsthand how these young parents are successfully dealing with lifestyle changes and the steps they are taking to insure their babies are born healthy! The entertaining, positive tone of this video helps drive home the importance of eating right, regular checkups, exercise and staying in school.

Teens will learn: Importance of good prenatal care, healthy diet and exercise; How to gather support to help with emotional stress during pregnancy; The harmful effects of alcohol, smoking, and drugs on the unborn baby; Importance of staying in school!

Volume 2: Labor and Birth - $199.95 - 25 minutes
Teens get an intimate firsthand look at what giving birth is like. Viewers will be glued to the TV as they follow the personal stories of Marquita, a fifteen year old single mom, and Samantha and Kevin, both nineteen.

Starting with the onset of labor and following along with entire birth process, viewers learn about the different stages of labor and the physical and emotional changes they bring. Amazing 3-D animation is intertwined with the birth stories, giving teens a clear view of what's actually going on inside the mother's body as she progresses towards birth. Comfort measures to lessen labor pain, the dad's or support person's role, medical options for pain relief and cesarean sections are all explored.

Teens will learn: Physical changes during the different stages of labor; Labor coping techniques; Importance of support during labor; Possible medical interventions including Cesarean

Volume 3: Postpartum - $199.95 - 25 minutes
Real teen moms and dads share personal insight about how they navigated life as new parents. Addresses the changes and joys of providing for a newborn. From healing physically after birth, to bonding and caring for a new baby, to childcare options, this program addresses a wealth of new parent concerns.

Teen moms discover that anxiety and mood swings are par for the course, and that as their bodies return to normal, so will their emotions. New parents learn about feeding, when to call a pediatrician, how to interact with their baby, and explores the unique challenges teen parents face, including relationship and lifestyle changes, the importance of staying in school, and other strategies that help them lead successful lives.

Teens will learn: Physical changes in the month after birth The ups and downs of new parenting Baby care and finding their own parenting style How to deal with relationship problems and postpartum emotions What they can do to pave a bright future.

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