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Hospital to Home
Ages 13 - Adult - $250.00 - 31 minutes / Released 2002    Closed Captioned

The Most Efficient and Effective Way to Discharge Mothers and Their Newborns!

This comprehensive video will streamline your discharge procedure, saving time while providing thorough coverage of the topics essential to new parents. More than simply outlining warning signs, Hospital to Home guides parents through the steps of recovery, emotional and physical wellness, and all the facets of newborn care. Easy-to-understand explanations help parents meet the demands of caring for themselves as well as their newborns, and visual summaries of key concepts enhance retention. Narrated by an experienced mother with a newborn of her own, each segment imparts practical advice accompanied by footage of diverse families using the techniques in real-life situations.

Your parents will learn: When to call their health care provider; Mother care for optimum recovery; The importance of getting support; The facts about lochia; Pain management for afterpains; Simple ways to reduce the risk of infection; Techniques for perineum and hemorrhoid healing; How to combat the baby blues and cope with postpartum depression; All about baby breast and bottle feeding, crying, diaper changing, bathing, taking temperatures, and more; Umbilical cord and circumcision care; SIDS safety; Tips for using car seats, and more

Discharge new families with confidence. Assured of the quality and uniformity of information presented in Hospital to Home , you can refocus your attention on providing individualized assistance to parents. Your discharges will be safe, supportive, and comprehensive, yet take less staff time.

With Hospital to Home you will: Provide must-know information quickly and easily; Emphasize the importance of rest and support; Ease new parent anxieties; Promote healing in the home; Improve early parenting skills; Give newborns a healthy start.

Make this invaluable, information-packed video part of your standard discharge procedure. Ensure the continued health and well-being of mother and baby as they make the transition from "hospital to home."

"Hospital to Home discusses the most important postpartum topics. This excellent video will be a time-saving tool for nurses doing discharge teaching for new families." - Janet Crawford, RN, BSN, LCCE, CLC

"Hospital to Home touches all aspects of postpartum and newborn care and is presented in an informal, understandable way. It is a great teaching tool for a postpartum unit because it is so informative and comprehensive!" - Catherine Suchodolski, Director, Maternal Child Health Services Holy Family Hospital and Medical Center

"I am impressed by InJoy's attention to detail and their commitment to current medical recommendations. This is a very concise video with volumes of information!" - Jenny Toth, RN, Clinical Coordinator, Women and Family Services

"Upbeat, clear information. Excellent teaching tool for all postpartum moms and their families! I love the multicultural and multi-experiential approach to this video!" - Margery McSweeney, RN, Women Family Services

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