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Parenting Works!
Raising Pre-School Children

4 Volume Set - Ages 13 - Adult - $325.95 - 6 full hours

The acclaimed PBS series - now a 4-volume video set (13 segments 27 minutes each) - teaches parents of pre-school children how to successfully navigate the most common parenting challenges, from bedlam at bedtime to choosing a responsible babysitter.

Each entry opens with footage of a real family struggling with a parenting challenge. Then, through lively discussion, real-life vignettes and appropriate exercises, nationally respected parent educator Milton Creagh guides parents toward a positive solution. Spanish Version also available.

Videos can stand alone or be part of a COMPLETE PARENTING COURSE! In addition to the videotapes, each Parenting Works! series includes a facilitators guide and a parent's guide. (Additional facilitators and parents guides available in packs of ten. Call for pricing.) Used in conjunction with the tapes, these handbooks are valuable resources to help educators guide discussion, drive home learning points and reinforce parents' understanding. Packed with a wealth of suggested exercises, discussion topics and easy-to-copy handouts, the Parenting Works! video/handbook set is a one-stop teaching tool for parenting classes of any size.

Volume 1: Bedlam at Bedtime
Learn why bedtime can be difficult for preschoolers and discover how to establish consistent enjoyable bedtime routines.
Let's Be Friends: Gain important skills to help preschoolers of different ages make friends, be friends and devolop healthy relationships.
Food Glorious Food: Meal times, especially dinner time, can be difficult! Here, parents will learn positive ways to deal with food fussiness, tantrums, refusal to eat and more.

Volume 2: Family Ties
Learn to help children devolop strong relationships with family members and support them through tradition, ritual and celebration.
Television: On or Off: How much TV is too much? How to establish guidelines, set limits and help children understand what they are watching.
Babysitting: Parents will learn to find a babysitter who is responsible and attentive to their children's needs and can handle problems.

Volume 3: Learning Responsibility
Discover ways to help children learn responsibility through household tasks, making their own choices and being accountable for their actions
Safe and Sound: Learn to give children a sense of safety, stabilityand security in their lives.
Siblings: How to understand and deal with the causes of sibling rivalry, prepare children for new siblings and help children get along with each other.

Volume 4: Playing to Learn
Parents will discover how to choose appropriate toys for their preschoolers, make daily activities fun and play with their children. Misbehaving in Public: Learn what behaviors can be expected from preschoolers, make daily activities fun and play with their children.
Balancing Work and Family: How to identify which values are most important to your family's well-being and balance the time and energy needed to support them.
Moms and Dads: How to look at the traditional roles and expectations of mothers and fathers in a new light.

Parent and Facilitator Handbooks: These extensive guides are valuable resources helping group leaders guide discussions and reinforcing parents' understanding of the 13 topics covered in the series. The 200-page Facilitator Guide and the 64-page Parents' Handbook are FREE with the series.

"Parenting Works! Is important helpful television for families." - Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

"An innovative National Public Television series."- San Jose Mercury News

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