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Tried and True:
Collection of Labor Techniques

Ages 13 - Adult - $179.95 - 32 minutes

Teach Labor Techniques more effectively. Now at your fingertips a virtual encyclopedia of labor techniques, all clearly demonstrated using actual birth footage. Increase your students' confidence in their ability to manage pain naturally as they see moms respond to labor pain using a variety of comfort measures. Dads and other support partners will learn skills and see loving, attentive support modeled.

Enhance Classroom Training and Save Time. Showing the same techniques in action that you are practicing in class will increase the effectiveness of your classroom teaching. Save time with our direct, to-the-point instruction and show a wider variety of labor techniques than you would normally be able to cover.

Seven Chapters for Easy Classroom Use
    1. Labor Support and Comfort: Choosing Support Persons, Doulas, Creating a Supportive Environment
    2. Early Labor: Resting, Walking, Eating, When to Go to the Hospital
    3. Active Labor and Transition: Breathing, Visualization, Vocalization, Positions, Massage, Birth Ball.
    4. Back Labor: Pelvic Tilt, Positions, Hot and Cold Packs, Counter Pressure & More
    5. Long Labor:, Resting, Positions, Support
    6. Pushing and Birth: Squatting, Sitting, Side-lying, Hands andKnees, Breathing & More
    7. Skills For Labor Support: Massage, Eye-to-Eye Contact, Positive Affirmation, Holding, Tuning In & More

Reduce Epidural Complications: Statistics show that epidurals have better outcomes when received once labor is well established and in lighter doses. This means helping moms get to 4-5 cm. without medication and using techniques for effective pushing. Perhaps, for some, learning a wide range of comfort measures will replace the need for the anticipated epidural.

Helpful for Bed Rest Moms and Lending Libraries.    Closed Captioned

"An excellent tool for teaching coping techniques. I appreciate the emphasis on strategies that help labor progress normally. It also depicts great interaction between mom and her support." - Janet Crawford, RN, BSN, LCCE, CLC

"Tried and True is a wonderful addition to my birth class. I'll also use it in private instruction, for women on bed rest, and my doula clients." - Laurie Boyer, ICCE, CD (DONA), Birth Educator and Doula

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