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    1. 38 Special: Wild Eyed and Live (24x36) good
    2. AC/DC: Let There Be Rock (20x30) good
    3. Arms Concert - Eric Clapton, Kenny Jones, Steve Wynwood and others (24x36 Landscape) good
    4. Beach Boys, The: An American Band 1985 (27x40) fair
    5. Beatles, The: A Hard Day's Night (22x28) good
    6. Big Country Live: Barrowland, Glasgow, New Year's Eve 1983 (20x27) good
    7. Breakin' in the USA (18x24) good
    8. Brian Adams: Reckless (24x36) good
    9. Culture Club: A Kiss Across the Ocean (Boy George) (16x24) mint
    10. Culture Club: A Kiss Across the Ocean (Boy George) (12x36 Landscape) mint
    11. David Bowie: Serious Moonlight (painted by Rick Mahon) 1984 (24x36) good
    12. David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars (18x24) mint
    13. Dick Clark's American Bandstand (24x36) mint
    14. Elton John: The Nightime Concert (24x36) good
    15. Elton John: The Nightime Concert - Night & Day (20x40) good
    16. Elvis on Tour: The Secret Policeman's Other Ball 1986 (24x34) good
    17. Englebert Humperdinck in Concert (14x20) good
    18. Eric Clapton Live Now 1986 (18x24) good
    19. Grateful Dead Movie, The (11x24 Landscape) good
    20. Hall & Oates: Seven Big Ones Collection (18x24) mint
    21. Hands Across America, The Story of - May 25, 1986 (26x40) good
    22. Herbie Handcock & the Rocket Band (15x28) fair
    23. Huey Lewis and the News: Video Hits 1985 (22x28) good
    24. Kool & the Gang: Tonight (18x24) mint
    25. Last Waltz, The: A Celebration (the Band, Eric Clapton, and others, Martin Scorsese, director 1984 (27x41) fair
    26. Men At Work: Live in San Fransisco or Was it Berkeley (23x34) fair
    27. Michael Jackson's Thriller (24x36) good
    28. Neil Diamond: Love at the Greek (24x36) good
    29. Olivia Newton John: Soul Kiss (24x36) good
    30. Other Side of Nashville, The - Johnny Cash, Hank Willkiams, JR., Carl Perkins and others & painted by Bob Aiese (17x24) fair
    31. Paul MacCartney's Give My Regards to Broadstreet (22x28) fair
    32. Pink Floyd's David Gilmore (20x30) mint
    33. Playboy Jazz Festival - Willie Bobo, Dave Brubeck and others (18x24) mint
    34. Police, The: Synchronicity Concert (24x36) good
    35. Prime Cuts Heavy Metal - Judas Priest, Slade, Fastway &s Ozzie Osbourne (24x34) good
    36. Ready, Steady, Go: Classic Rock Collection (14x24) good
    37. Rock & Roll: The Early Days Elvis, Chuck Berry, Everley's and others (18x24) good
    38. Rolling Stones, The: Video Rewind (24x36) good
    39. Rush: Exit . . . Stage Left (19x27) good
    40. Sting: Bring on the Night (23x35) fair
    41. Styx: Caught in the Act Live (18x24) good
    42. The Prince's Trust All-Star Rock Concert: Royalty of Rock - Tina Turner, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins and others (22x34) good
    43. Thomas Dolby: Music for Your Eyes (24x36) good
    44. Wham: The Video (14x21 Landscape) good
    45. X the Band: The Unheard Music (17x36) good
    46. Yoko Ono: Then & Now - Yoko & John pictured (24x36) good


    1. Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll - Chuck Berry

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