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Colleges Sample Layout
The pertinent information has been omitted.
  1. Eastern Washington University JFK Library 100 LIB, 816 F St., Cheney, WA 99004-2453 - 509-359-xxxx Fax 509-359-xxxx
    Mary Voves <emailaddress@here> Vice President Business and Finance
    Roxann Dempsey <emailaddress@here> Assistant to Business and Finance VP
    Steven Hopf <emailaddress@here> Purchasing & Contracts Director
    Kristy Wrede <emailaddress@here> Buyer
    Mary Henningsen <emailaddress@here> Purchasing Assistant
    Susan Brown <emailaddress@here> Purchasing Assistant
    Library E-Contacts:
    Suzanne Milton <emailaddress@here> Distance Education
    David Nelson <emailaddress@here> Distance Education
    Rachel Fenske <emailaddress@here> Instructional Services Coordinator
    Linda Matthias <emailaddress@here> Director Client Services
    William D. Kelley <emailaddress@here> Director Computing & Telecommunications
    Library Instructional Subject Responsibilities E-Contacts:
    Lee Alkire <emailaddress@here> Criminal Justice, English, Government, History, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Technology, Theatre
    Genemary Falvey <emailaddress@here> African American Education Program, American Indian Studies, Biology, Counseling, Educ & Dev. Psychology
    Rachel Fenske <emailaddress@here> Chemistry, Communication Studies, Computer Literacy, Computer Science, English Composition, Geology, Physical Ed/Health & Recreation, Physics, Psychology, Radio/TV
    Suzanne Milton <emailaddress@here> Anthropology, Art, English Second Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work
    Frank Moulton <emailaddress@here> Education, Geography, High School Groups
    Ted Otto <emailaddress@here> Music
    Reitta Pew <emailaddress@here> Communication Disorders, Dental Hygiene, Journalism, Accounting
    Estela Radovancev <emailaddress@here> Chicano Studies, English Language Institute, Women's Studies
    Ann Roselle <emailaddress@here>Economics, Management, Planning, Public Administration Sociology

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