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Overview: Libraries and Schools are both extra sensitive market sectors that demand a high degree of credibility from suppliers. An e-campaign takes concerted planning and must be taken out of the realm of SPAM. You don't want to alienate any potential customers by sending bulk (aka Group) e-mail... although it does have its benefits... if done with style.

Our plan will allow you to send out over 60 well targeted customized messages per hour. It also permits adjusting both the message and your site to take advantage of the real time feedback e-mail generates.

Do your homework: No one knows your product as well as you... scroll our lists and marry the product to the contacts... all are identified by job title. As you do so you may very well decide that you want to use different words (push different buttons)... when sending a message about the same video to an Acquisitions Specialist than to a Library Media Specialist... a Special Ed or Athletic Director... et cetera. Also, by studying the lists you'll find yourself better put to plan your campaign.

Note: Remember the old bromide - You only get one chance to make a good first impression! As we go along keep in mind that I am writing this for all types of producer/suppliers. Some have 1, 2, or a few tapes... others have 24 or more. Still others have a lot more. Therefore I must speak in somewhat general terms.

Mainly I want drive home the point that a well executed plan permits you to easily accomplish your objective with existing equipment and staff. As an example I'll cite one of our clients (a 1 person operation): on average she spends an hour or 2 a day, 2-4 days a week and sends out 4 to 500 well targeted customized messages per week. She oftens works at night and/or in the wee hours of the morning. She's also quite pleased with the results. Back to the plan...

Our e-mail program has a feature called Stationary Files that allow you to create ready to go messages whereby you can copy names and e-mail addresses from our files, paste them into the To: line of a prepared message, drop your cursor down into the body of the message and type the person's first name next to the Dear Whoever, which will be there waiting for you.... then you hit send. It's as easy as that.

E-Message Subject Line: I equate this with the outside of an envelope in a snail mail piece, the purpose of which is to get the envelope opened and the letter read with sweet anticipation. The subject line is your first opportunity to create a favorable impression. Think it out, vary it according to the person's job title. Examples: Support materials for your students or Videos of interest to your patrons or Cultural or Historic programs for students or patrons. In other words, address the interests and/or needs of the recipient. Make it personal as well as customized.

E-Message Composition: Start your message by answering the one question we all have in mind when we open a message from someone we do not know: How did this person find me? Begin with something like; We found you while surfing School Districts on the Internet and thought you may be interested in...

Keep it short and sweet... no more than 2 - 3 paragraphs at the max... no graphics... they take up space and slow things down... they are also considered rude by some... how about you? Also, no more than one hot link to a specific page in your site, preferably a page designed for this purpose. I understand that you may not have total control over your site (the ability to update and/or add new pages at will) but the page link is critical and must be chosen with TLC. I'll be pleased to offer further advice on this aspect... at no additional charge.

Revising the message: Initially, we advise that you send 60 to 75 messages or less per day. This will permit you to adjust both the message and the linked web page based on real time feedback... you will start getting feedback within 2 - 3 hours. By making said adjustments you'll maximize favorable responses and resulting sales... then you can pickup the pace.

Your site page link: Optional: First... Which page in my site do I link them to? In most cases... you'll link them to the page that contains product and order information on the program(s) that you've told them about in the message. In other cases you may want to link them to an Index of Titles or search page. By the end of the first week of sending you'll have a good idea of what's working and what isn't, based on the real time feedback you will receive... pay attention to what their saying... read between the lines if necessary and adjust accordingly.

Ongoing consultation: You're welcome to call me for more specific discussion on any of the above. I also offer my services on a private contractor basis... for e-campaign development and execution... including web site design or updates. I'll come to your location for a week or two... prep everything... implement the campaign and train you for the task.

I'll be here when you need me. You'll find our contact info at the bottom of every page in our site. Be glad to answer any questions you have.

Stan - 267-519-2222

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