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E-Marketing Campaign: Develop & Execute

E-Marketing is definitely the way to go! However, it's taken a while for marketers to figure out competent procedures and strategies. We can be sure that managing, monitoring and fine-tuning marketing campaigns in real-time is the one of the keys to improving click rates, conversion rates, cost per customer acquisition and sales.

The idea is to target the product to the lead and design your message accordingly. This plan, in addition to providing you with on-target leads, will also help you to compose the messages, develop strategies, and oversee the execution of the campaign.

So, yes we're talking using E-Mail Lists to brand and market a company and its products. However, it's not going to happen overnight. For one thing E-Mail takes concerted planning and must be taken out of the realm of SPAM, particularly in the designated sectors. You don't want to alienate any potential customers by sending bulk (aka Group) e-mail. Our plan will allow you to send out over 60 customized messages per hour.

It also permits adjusting the message to take advantage of the real time feedback e-mail generates.

The plan will be implemented in three (3) phases: 1 - Preparation; 2 - Set-Up & Training and; 3 - Implementation & Execution

    Phase One - Plan Preparation (30 days): based on a thorough needs analysis from the viewpoint of both your company and its product, and then marry them to the target. This will include e-mail message design and web site preparation. We'll put a hot link in the message pointing the recipients directly to a page designed specifically for the campaign. We'll also be prepared to edit and revise both the message and the page based on real-time feedback.

    We'll need the following items to begin: screening copies of your programs; copies of any literature, press releases and/or reviews; awards or nominations; anything else you can think of that will help us to completely understand your company, its product and its direction. Is there anything unique about your program(s), such as talent or topic? Also like to know your near-term expectations and long-term objectives: Where do you want to be five years from now?

    Site Preparation & Maintenence: If necessary, I'll completely reconstruct your entire site or, if you don't already have one, I'll build one from scratch and oversee its online debut for you. I invite you to examine for examples of my capabilities.

    Phase Two - Set-Up & Training: I will come your location for two (2) weeks for both this phase and phase three below. First, we'll go over the Plan in depth. Revise or adjust according to your input and needs. We will train and prepare you for the task ahead. Any areas which need augmentation will be identified and dealt with.

    Phase Three - Implementation & Execution: we start by sending out our messages at a pace of 60 to 75 per day. This will allow us to receive and analyze the real-time feedback via replies and make any necessary adjustments in the message and/or the site. Once we have the message(s) fine-tuned and optimized, we'll pick up the pace to 200 to 300 a day. While we can send out more messages on a daily basis, I strongly advise against doing so. You want to manage and track the traffic (replies) in a competent and timely manner.

    From this point forward, you will have the complete plan (including leads) and be fully prepared to continue executing same. I will be on call to assist you as you proceed. I will continue to consult with you on all aspects.

    We will also list your product in, with a direct link to your site.

Our Fee: $5000 per month for up to six (6) months - the first two (2) months (10k) on agreement. You'll have the option of canceling the agreement after 60 days (after implementation), in which case you can keep the existing E-Mail Lists which are included - Academic & Public Libraries / Media Lists / Video Retailers - and go about your business. After all, if it's not working for you, it won't be working for us.

The price is subject to change without notice. In addition to the above fee, contracting parties will be required to meet all expenses related to travel, lodging and per diem for the stated two (2) week period and any other visits that may arise as a result of the campaign.

To Summarize: The age of E-Commerce and E-Marketing is upon us. All producer/suppliers must take it serious and develop a plan to take full advantage of the technology. is on the front line and has been since 1995. We've developed real-time startegies and expertize and have E-Mail Lists of over 150 thousand on-target and personalized E-mail contacts in highly attractive market sectors for SI product.

Be glad to answer any questions you have. Stan

Stan - 267-519-2222

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