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ABOUT PROGRESSIVE FILMS: Progressive Films is a film distribution company, founded by documentary filmmaker Casey Peek, creator of Eyes on the Fries, Trade Secrets and New World Border. With the goal of providing a central location for progressive producers to disseminate their work, the site was launched in September of 2004,. Since then, Progressive Films has been steadily adding new titles. Progressive Films distributes films and videos, both narrative and documentary, which offer a progressive perspective, promote human rights and are created to advance social justice, multiracial equality and environmental sustainability.

60? minutes - $20.00 - DVD

A missile disappears in Iran, but the CIA has other problems: the heir to an Emirate gives an oil contract to China, cutting out a US company that promptly fires its immigrant workers and merges with a small firm that has landed a Kazakhstani oil contract. The DOJ suspects bribery and hires an outside firm to find a scapegoat. The CIA also needs one when its plot to kill the Emir-apparent fails. Agent Bob Barnes, the fall guy, sorts out the double cross. An American economist parlays the death of his son into a contract to advise the sheik the CIA wants dead. The jobless Pakistanis join a fundamentalist group. All roads start and end in the oil fields.
"One of the year's best films." - Roger Ebert, Ebert & Roeper

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The Panama Deception
60? minutes - $20 and $75 (inst) - DVD

A riveting Academy Award-winning critique of the government's history of militarization, made all the more timely by the current war on terrorism. Documents the untold story of the December 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama; the events, which led to it; the excessive force used; the enormity of the death and destruction; and the devastating aftermath. The Panama Deception uncovers the real reasons for this internationally condemned attack, presenting a view of the invasion which widely differs from that portrayed by the U.S. media and exposes how the U.S. government and the mainstream media suppressed information about this foreign policy disaster.
"Tough....provocative....moving....beautifully edited" - Vincent Canby, New York Times

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Falluja: April 2004
60? minutes - $35 and $$125 (inst) - DVD

Falluja has become a symbol of the resistance movement against the occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces. In April 2004, the U.S. forces invaded Falluja with several thousand soldiers. Why did Falluja become a base of the resistance against the occupation? How did the U.S. forces attack? Who fought against them? And what damages and injuries did people suffer? Ten days after the siege of Falluja was lifted, Toshikuni Doi, a Japanese independent journalist, went into Falluja. His documentary, investigates the causes of, conditions during, and damages from the siege. Primarily in Arabic, with English subtitles.
This film contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.

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New World Border
60? minutes - $30 and $105 (inst) - DVD

A film documenting the rise of human rights abuses along the US-Mexico border since the implementation of border walls (such as Operation Gatekeeper) that have been erected in populated areas throughout the border region during the last decade. This documentary includes interviews with immigrant rights organizers, testimony from immigrants, analysis of 'free trade' policies, and discusses current efforts to build a vibrant movement for immigrant rights.
"A must-see documentary for the American society of the 21st century...this documentary has powerful and graphic explanatory power: why so many people have been crossing the border into El Norte, the repressions and brutalities they have experienced, their fears but also their hopes and dreams, and their reaffirmation of our identity as a nation of immigrants and the human rights embedded in our country's founding principles" -- Ronald Takaki, Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley

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