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Rich Immigrants

Books by Dr. Harsimran Singh, Ph.D.

Rich Immigrant Poor Citizen:
Immigrants Teach Their Children What Citizens Donít
... $11.95

I am a firm believer that immigrants have made the United States a stronger country, and that we have done so through the values and discipline instilled in us by our parents and our various cultural standards. It is for this reason that I tell the stories of the children of immigrants who have studied at Americaís most prestigious universities, and learnt to lead a very successful life.

The percentage of immigrant children attending Ivy League universities is much higher than the percentage of children whose parents were born in the United States. When these children graduate, they often go on to careers that are rewarding to them not only financially but in other, more personal ways.

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How 12 Immigrants Made Billions:
12 Keys to Success
- $19.95

These are success stories unlike any you have ever read before, stories of people who arrived in America with almost nothing but desire and the ability to think positively. And all were hindered by being from another country, strangers to the United States. A couple of them hardly had enough money for a cup of coffee and could hardly speak the language or understand the customs of our new land. Yet each, in time, became a billionaire.

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A to Z of Foreclosures:
Real Estate Worth Millions Acquired With $101
- $19.95

Think twice about purchasing real estate if you cannot sell it for more the day of your purchase.

I realize that this is a controversial statement, but in A to Z of Foreclosures: Real Estate Worth Millions Acquired with $101, I explain the logic behind it, and how it applies to people who have very little money and equally little knowledge about real estate, as well as to people who are well-off financially and experienced in the buying and selling of real estate.

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