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US History: The Forming of a Nation

US State Capitals and State History Series
5 Tapes Box Set - 2 hours and 55 minutes - $69.95 - to order

Perfect for audiences of all ages. A state-by-state journey through each region of the United States. Learn about the state flags, flowers, birds and more. The history of the capitol buildings of each state from the smallest to the tallest, and from the functional to the magnificent. The history of each state and capital is also examined. Learn about the explorers who first claimed these regions for the growing nation, and how and when they became states. These descriptive and entertaining programs will broaden the audience's understanding of the land we call home. Item #SIV077 Lively introduction to the state capitals... enthusiastic narrator... vintage photographs... scenic footage. Great for students. - Booklist

Volume One: The Southeastern States AL, GA, NC, VA, AR, LA, SC, WV, FL, MS, TN
Did you know that St. Augustine, Florida, was the oldest city in the United States? Discover other amazing and interesting facts as you travel across the south east, stopping in each state and it's capital city. This video explores the history and development of the eleven states that make up the South Eastern United States.

Volume Two: The Northeastern States CT, MD, NJ, RI, DE, MA, NY, VT, ME, NH, PA
This video takes you on a journey through the Northeastern United States. Explore the smallest state in the nation to the state that is home to one of the world's most famous cities. Follow each Northeastern State, as it slowly becomes part of this ever-growing and ever-changing nation.

Volume Three: The Central States IL, KY, MO, IN, MI, OH, IA, MN, WI
In this video audiences will find out which state is known as "The Prairie State," and in which state is housed the nation's gold supply. Learn about the brave men and women who first traveled to this area of our country.

Volume Four: The Southwestern States AZ, HI, NM, UT, CA, KS, OK, CO, NV, TX
This is a wonderful glance at our country's past as you visit each state in the Southwest. Discover how these states dealt with such national issues as slavery, Native Americans, forming a new government, and much more.

Volume Five: The Northwestern States AK, NE, SD, ID, ND, WA, MT, OR, WY
In this video, viewers will step back in time and follow the pioneers and leaders who made this country the greatest ever. Explore how each individual state's history contributed to the overall history if this great nation.

The Presidents of the United States
5 Tapes Box Set - 4 hours and 30 minutes - $69.95 - to order

Explores the lives of 42 American Presidents. Shows the viewer much more than the political aspects of the powerful men who have led our country. The personal lives, childhood experiences, and professional careers were all-important aspects in the development of the Commander-in-Chief. By learning about the formative years of the Presidents' lives, the viewer will gain a new appreciation for the accomplishments of those decision-makers. The vision, courage, and persistence of the men who shaped our country will inspire young and old alike. A must-see for anyone intrigued by the history of the American Presidency. Item #SIV077 Great source of information. - University of Memphis - Very pleased with [these] videos. - State Library of Louisiana

Volume One: Presidents 1789-1841
Volume one explores the lives of the first nine Presidents. These men were known to have been the forefathers of our country. Their vision, loyalty, and persistence provided the foundation that started our government. Follow these extraordinary men on a journey from childhood to the White House.

Volume Two: Presidents 1841-1877
This video traces the lives of the tenth through eighteenth Presidents. These national leaders were known to have been active during the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery in our country, these events will never be forgotten. From war heroes to politicians, learn what made these men so great or not so great.

Volume Three: Presidents 1877-1913
In this video, viewers will be introduced to the men who served our country during the great industrial and farm reform. Travel through each President's childhood, follow his education, experience his family life all the factors that make a President.

Volume Four: Presidents 1913-1969
Volume four explores the lives of the Presidents who served during the most tumultuous and trying times in our country WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. The great depression, a woman's right to vote, and the U.S. Space Program were just a few changes that these men saw our country through.

Volume Five: Presidents 1969-2000
This volume follows the lives of the six most recent Presidents. These men have been leaders in our country, and leaders in their dedication to making this a more desirable world for free commerce. Their leadership provided the foundation for changes in our government as well as in other governments.

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